NetApp V3100 Series Storage Systems

V3100 Series Storage Systems

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V3100 series systems provide advanced data management and storage efficiency in multiprotocol, multivendor environments.

NetApp® V-Series open storage controllers provide advanced storage efficiency, data protection, and data management, while maintaining your current storage investments. Manage disk arrays from EMC, IBM, HP, Hitachi, and other major vendors as if they were NetApp storage. Expand capacity by adding NetApp disk shelves.

With V-Series, you can:

  • Increase disk utilization and reclaim capacity using thin provisioning and deduplication for primary and secondary storage.
  • Protect your data with no performance impact in minimal storage space using NetApp Snapshot™ software, the original point-in-time copy technology.
  • Replicate data across your global network with quick, efficient, and flexible SnapMirror® disaster recovery software.
  • Use FlexClone® software to instantly replicate data volumes and sets as transparent virtual copies, accelerating application development and testing. NetApp clones increase productivity and data storage efficiency without compromising performance.

The V-Series stores both file and block data, and it provides native support for FC SAN, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS protocols.

Find out how our unified storage architecture and the V3100 open storage controller can help you do more, while protecting your current data storage investment: V-Series datasheet. (PDF)

EMC and HP SAN storage owners: Get the benefits of NetApp efficiency on your existing storage with our Zero Investment Promise (ZIP) Program with V-Series. Conditions apply.