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NetApp V-Series software lets you build flexible, efficient unified storage leveraging your existing array investments.

The scalable, unified software of NetApp® data storage systems provides a common software environment for both NAS and SAN on all NetApp FAS and V-Series systems.

With NetApp software on V-Series systems, you can:

  • Back up terabytes of application data in seconds and recover in minutes
  • Reduce disk purchases by 35% or more through superior storage efficiency
  • Manage two to three times more storage per administrator
  • Reduce provisioning time by up to 90%
  • Cut test and development time in half

Included standard with every V-Series system is Data ONTAP® Essentials, a set of powerful NetApp software products that delivers enterprise-class availability, secure multi-tenancy, high performance, superior storage efficiency, and select OnCommand™ data management software. Optional software products provide advanced capabilities such as instant data recovery, instant cloning, data replication, disk-to-disk backup, and application-aware backup and recovery.

Data ONTAP Essentials
The following software is included with every V-Series system, delivering superior value through greater IT efficiency and flexibility:

NetApp V-Series
Included Software Data ONTAP Essentials:

Efficiency: FlexVol®, deduplication, compression and thin provisioning

Availability: Multipath I/O, MultiStore®, MetroCluster (7-mode environments only)

Data protection: RAID-DP®, Snapshot™, and Open Systems SnapVault®

Performance: FlexShare®, FlexCache

Management: OnCommand System Manager, OnCommand Unified Manager, Workflow Automation

Data Protocols: One SAN or NAS protocol of your choice (iSCSI, FC, NFS, CIFS) is included with your system.
Extended Value Software (optional)
  • FlexArray
  • OnCommand® Balance for NetApp
Premium Bundle includes:
  • SnapRestore®
  • SnapMirror®
  • FlexClone®
  • SnapManager® Suite
  • SnapVault®
Software Description SnapRestore: Fast restore of Snapshot copies in seconds

SnapMirror: Simple, efficient, and flexible disaster recovery

SnapVault: Disk-to-disk backup software for complete backups and online archives to primary or secondary storage in minutes instead of hours or days

FlexClone: Instant virtual copies of databases or virtual machines

SnapManagerSuite: Application and virtual machine-aware backup, recovery, and cloning

Premium Bundle: Includes all of the Extended Value software above in a single convenient bundle for both 7-mode and clustered Data ONTAP environments. (excludes OnCommand® Balance for NetApp)

OnCommand® Balance for NetApp: Advanced analytics for physical and virtual environments (Note: not included in Premium Bundle)

Storage Protocols: Native support for all key SAN/NAS protocols (iSCSI, FC, NFS, CIFS). One protocol of your choice is included standard with your system; others can be added as desired