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Primary Use Cases

Web Repositories

Manage exploding unstructured data growth effectively in a collaborative world.


Media Repositories

Reduce complexity, optimize media workflows, and minimize the cost of media data management.


Backup & Archive

Cut cost and reduce risk with a secure on-premises object storage solution.


Models & Specifications

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Key Specifications
Raw capacity

4TB drives = 240TB

6TB drives = 360TB

8TB drives = 480TB

10TB drives = 600TB

4TB drives = 48TB

6TB drives = 72TB

8TB drives = 96TB

10TB drives = 120TB

Form factor 4U, 60 drives 2U, 12 drives
Connectivity 10GbE 10GbE
Width 19" (48.26cm) 19" (48.26cm)
Depth 32.5" (82.55cm) 21.75" (55.25cm)
Weight 232lb (105.2kg) 59.52lb (27kg)
Environmental Specifications Typical Maximum Typical Maximum
4TB drives        
Amps 5.07 6.02 2.16 2.84
Watts 1103.99 1311.56 470.35 618.73
BTU 3766.97 4475.23 1604.9 2111.19
6TB drives        
Amps 5.04 5.99 2.14 2.82
Watts 1097.21 1304.79 466.67 615.05
BTU 3743.84 4452.13 1592.34 2098.34
8TB drives        
Amps 4.71 5.66 2.09 2.77
Watts 1025.53 1233.11 455.37 603.75
BTU 3499.25 4207.55 1553.79 2060.08
10TB drives        
Amps 5.25 5.97 2.15 2.83
Watts 1143.33 1299.82 468.11 616.49
BTU 3901.2 4435.17 1597.26 2103.55
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The SG5660 requires 208V-240V power. It will not function with 120V power.

Multiple Business Advantages

Scale-out on the infrastructure of your choice.

Deliver capacity and performance on demand across geographically distributed locations.

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Rest easy with unparalleled data assurance.

Maximize reliability, security and availability of your data for decades.

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Automate your storage infrastructure.

Optimize data management, automatically placing data where it should reside in geographies or storage tiers.

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Reduce risk.

Integrate with validated technology partner solutions.

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Deployment Options

Physical Appliances

Discover compute, networking, and storage in a single chassis—a building block for enterprise-grade object storage that’s easy to deploy.


VMware Based

Deploy StorageGRID Webscale on virtual machines (VMs) on VMware.


OpenStack Based

Deploy on OpenStack/KVM with support for Heat.


Docker Based

Deploy on RHEL/CentOS servers in Docker Containers.