Hybrid Flash Storage Systems

Cost-effective. Fast. Flexible. Reliable.



Built for large business-critical and consolidated environments that demand power and flexibility to meet growing requirements for scale and performance.

  • Modular design optimized for high performance and RAS
  • Continuous availability
  • Scale to 24 nodes and 172PB raw capacity


Designed for enterprises with business-critical and consolidated environments that require scalability for SAN and NAS workloads.

  • Continuous availability
  • Scale to 24 nodes
  • Scale out to 57PB raw capacity


Optimized for midsize businesses and small enterprises that require simplified operations for SAN and NAS workloads.

  • Small footprint with up to 24 internal disk drives
  • Scale to 8 nodes
  • Start at 10TB and scale out to 5.7PB raw capacity

Multiple Business Advantages with ONTAP

Storage Flexibility Pictogram

Flexibility to Scale with Business Growth

Simplify and expand your storage operations. Cluster with AFF all-flash systems.

Accelerate Performance Pictogram

NVMe Flash for Fast Apps

Leverage high performance to reduce latency and accelerate operations.


Maximum Uptime

Eliminate planned downtime. Service and upgrade systems during regular business hours.


Reduced Risks

Hit business-continuity and security targets with integrated data protection and built-in encryption.



Designed for enterprises that require performance and reliability for capacity-intensive, dedicated apps.

  • Up to 850,000 IOPS, 12 GB/s bandwidth
  • 600TB in 4U
  • 99.999% availability


Optimized for small enterprises and remote offices that require mixed-workload performance and reliability for dedicated apps.

  • Up to 300,000 IOPS, 10 GB/s bandwidth
  • 600TB in 4U
  • 99.999% availability

Multiple Business Advantages with SANtricity

Accelerate Performance Pictogram

Optimized for Performance

Accelerate performance for all your application demands—out of the same enterprise-grade storage building block.

Enterprise Performance

Built for Reliability

Realize best-in-class reliability running a robust, production-proven OS recognized for data-integrity prowess.


Simple, Intuitive, Powerful

Streamline storage management leveraging the intuitive SANtricity® Storage Manager interface.

Web Based Interface Pictogram

Easy to Use

Manage your NetApp® E2800 system—anytime, anywhere—with an on-box, web-based interface.