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  • Accelerate business operations and respond easily to changing requirements with unified, scalable hybrid storage.

  • Scalability 48PB High Capacity
  • High Performance 50% Over previous generations
  • Nondisruptive operations 0 Interruptions

Models & Technical Specifications

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NAS Scaling 1–24 nodes (12 HA pairs)
Maximum drives (HDD/SSD) 5,760/5,760
Maximum Capacity 57PB
SAN Scaling 1–12 nodes (6 HA pairs)
Maximum drives (HDD/SSD) 2,880/2,880
Maximum Capacity 28PB
Cluster interconnect 2 10GbE
HA Pair
Maximum drives (HDD/SSD) 480/480
Maximum Raw Capacity 4800TB
Maximum onboard NVMe Flash Cache 4TB
Maximum Flash Pool 48TB
Controller form factor 3U
ECC memory 256GB
PCIe expansion slots 4
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Data Protocols

All supported data protocol licenses included.


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