FAS3100 unified storage system

A new version of this product is available.
Please see the FAS3200 page.

Get flexibility, performance, availability, and scalability for less with the NetApp FAS3100 unified storage system.

NetApp® FAS3100 series data storage systems help you handle large amounts of diverse data, with a unified platform on which you can consolidate block and file storage.

With FAS3100 data management systems and the NetApp unified storage architecture, you can:

  • Unlock the full potential of virtualized servers by enabling virtual machine mobility and offloading the work of data protection.
  • Connect to Windows®, UNIX®, and Linux® servers and clients via standard storage protocols and interfaces.
  • Utilize high-availability and disaster recovery solutions that include low-overhead RAID-DP® technology, Snapshot™ copies, SnapRestore® data recovery software, and SnapManager® management software.
  • Eliminate stranded storage with NetApp’s innovative thin provisioning.
  • Make data-in-place upgrades to more powerful FAS systems, running the same Data ONTAP® operating system and using the same management tools.

With its performance, efficiency, proven TCO, and flexible responsiveness to growth, the NetApp FAS3100 lets you do more for your business than you thought possible with a storage system.

Learn how the FAS3100 series PDF (PDF) can help you consolidate diverse data sets and do more with less.