NetApp EF-Series All-Flash Arrays

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EF-Series all-flash arrays deliver fast, consistent response times to accelerate high-performance databases.

NetApp® EF-Series all-flash arrays deliver every element of performance that high-performance databases rely on. We’ve matched consistent read and write performance with a cost-effective architecture to deliver the lowest cost per IOPS in the industry for an all-flash array. Expect response times measured in microseconds.

Use EF-Series all-flash arrays to:

  • Deliver faster, actionable results from OLTP and OLAP environments.
  • Improve user experience for customer-facing and decision-support systems.
  • Consolidate physical servers and database license costs.
  • Reduce power, footprint, and cooling by 95% versus disk-based arrays.
  • Replicate data to other arrays and/or to the cloud.

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