SafeNet StorageSecure Encryption Appliance

Protect your sensitive data in Ethernet NAS environments by using the SafeNet StorageSecure encryption appliance.

NetApp and Gemalto have partnered to deliver advanced, nondisruptive data encryption services in Ethernet-based network attached storage (NAS). Use the all-inclusive, secure SafeNet StorageSecure appliance by Gemalto to:

  • Encrypt data at high speed, using 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Achieve high reliability through redundant components and clustered failover.
  • Connect to 1Gb or 10Gb Ethernet networks over CIFS and NFS.
  • Encrypt information based on defined business policies.
  • Protect data at rest at the share, folder, and file levels.
  • Store data securely without disrupting ongoing operations or reducing information availability.
  • Protect offline archived data from unauthorized access or theft.
  • Strengthen existing LDAP, MS AD, and NIS controls by adding an additional layer of access controls.

Once data is encrypted in SafeNet StorageSecure, it remains encrypted through its lifecycle without additional intervention.

Store all encryption keys and their associated parameters within hardware. Get centralized key management by sharing keys with Gemalto’s SafeNet KeySecure centralized key management solution.

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Download the StorageSecure datasheet and follow our blog to get our take on how to protect your valuable data with NetApp® storage security and integrated data protection solutions.

SafeNet StorageSecure Technical Specifications