NetApp SteelStore Cloud Integrated Storage Appliance

SteelStore With NetApp Bezel

Use NetApp SteelStore appliance to send backup and archive data to the cloud. Boost recovery, cut costs and risks.

Use the NetApp® SteelStore™ cloud integrated storage appliance to leverage public and private cloud as part of your backup and archive strategy. The game-changing SteelStore technology delivers enterprise-class data availability with up to 90% lower TCO than traditional methods.

Now you can leverage the flexibility and economics of cloud—augment your existing infrastructure with SteelStore to reduce management costs and cut complexity.

NetApp SteelStore:

  • Integrates with all leading backup solutions and all major public and private cloud providers.
  • Offers complete, end-to-end security for data at rest and in flight using FIPS 140-2 certified encryption.
  • Uses efficient, variable-length inline deduplication and compression, reducing storage costs up to 90%.
  • Delivers fast, intelligent local backup and recovery based on local storage.
  • Vaults older versions to the cloud, allowing for rapid restores with offsite protection.
  • Supports policy-based data lifecycle management.
  • Scales to an effective capacity of 28PB per appliance.

SteelStore supports StorageGRID Webscale software and most public and private object stores.