NetApp SnapProtect Management Software

SnapProtect is no longer available.
Consider Intellisnap for data management.

Simplify and speed backup and recovery for traditional and shared IT infrastructures with NetApp SnapProtect software.

In today’s 24/7 global operations, data growth and server virtualization can complicate backup and recovery strategies. NetApp® SnapProtect® management software modernizes backup and recovery in virtualized infrastructures, helping you eliminate complexity, accelerate processes, and increase responsiveness, even if you have thousands of virtual machines (VMs).

SnapProtect software combines high-speed NetApp Snapshot™ copies and replication with tape, to reduce risk of downtime and data loss. Its single management console lets you create, catalog, and manage application-aware Snapshot copies across disk-to-disk-to-tape processes.

By leveraging NetApp Data ONTAP® storage efficiency technologies—including deduplication, compression, and thin replication—NetApp SnapProtect software consumes less capacity than traditional backups, while helping you control costs.

Whether you have a traditional or a shared IT infrastructure, SnapProtect software lets you build a single backup and recovery solution to meet backup windows, restore data fast, reduce administrative costs, and keep your business running.

Find out how to accelerate and simplify your backup and recovery strategy with NetApp SnapProtect software PDF.