NetApp AltaVault Cloud-Integrated Storage Product Comparison

Compare NetApp® AltaVault® models to find the right cloud-integrated backup and archival solution for your organization.

Feature Physical appliances Virtual appliances Cloud-based appliances
Available Models AVA400
AVA-v2 for VMware
AVA-v8 for VMware
AVA-v16 for VMware
AVA-v32 for VMware
AVA-v2 for Hyper-V
AVA-v8 for Hyper-V
AVA-v16 for Hyper-V
AVA-v32 for Hyper-V
AVA-v2 for KVM
AVA-v8 for KVM
AVA-v16 for KVM
AVA-v32 for KVM
AVA-c4 for Azure
AVA-c4 for AWS
AVA-c8 for AWS
AVA-c16 for AWS
Use Cases AltaVault physical appliances are often deployed in the data center to protect large volumes of data. These data sets typically require the highest levels of performance and scalability available. AltaVault virtual appliances are an ideal solution for medium-sized businesses that wish to get started with cloud backup, or for enterprises that wish to protect branch offices and remote offices with the same level of protection they enjoy in the data center. AltaVault cloud-based appliances are designed to offer an efficient and secure approach to backing up cloud-based workloads. Companies without a secondary data center, or those looking for a low-cost tertiary recovery site, also can use them for disaster recovery purposes.
Cache usable capacity 32-384TB 2-32TB 4-16TB
Cache RAW capacity 48-576TB N/A N/A
Logical data size in cloud Up to 57PB in backup mode
Up to 10PB in cold storage mode
Up to 4.8PB in backup mode
Up to 10PB in cold storage mode
Up to 2.4PB in backup mode
Up to 6.4PB in cold storage mode
Maximum Ingress Throughput, Aggregate Up to 9.2TB/hr Up to 3TB/hr Up to 3TB/hr
Form Factor Starts at 10U appliance vSphere ESXi, Hyper-V, KVM AWS or Azure based

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