Know your E/EF-Series data is intact—with comprehensive data protection built into the SANtricity operating system.

The robust NetApp® E-Series and EF-Series storage systems are powered by the SANtricity® storage operating system. Built into the SANtricity OS are enterprise features that help ensure the protection of your data, including:

  • Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) PDF. This innovative technology reduces reconstruction times, simplifies storage management, and makes storage device failures or additions a non-event.
  • Mirroring PDF. Asynchronous Remote Volume Mirroring (ARVM) can span distances up to 12,000 km—enough to connect any landmass on the planet to the next nearest landmass. ARVM protects against site failures while eliminating performance-robbing latency for data traveling between distant sites.
  • Snapshot® copies PDF. Take images of your data. Perform multiple read/write views without changing the original data. Snapshot technology speeds and simplifies test and development.
  • T10-PI. SANtricity support for T10-PI validates data from the controller all the way to the disk platter.
  • Full-disk encryption[*] Use this optional feature to encrypt data at rest using FIPS-compliant AES-256 encryption.

Achieve optimal performance efficiency using SANtricity Storage Manager PDF software—a simple, powerful, intuitive interface for administering NetApp E-Series and EF-Series storage systems.

[*] Hardware and software for at-rest data encryption is not available in certain countries including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other Eurasian Customs Union countries.