ONTAP Cloud Data Management Software

Manage and maintain control of your AWS and Microsoft Azure data. Pay only for what you use, when you use it.

Enjoy the same data access and control in the cloud as in your data center. The NetApp® ONTAP® Cloud data management software service blends seamless control with cloud flexibility.

Built on NetApp ONTAP 9, the #1 branded storage operating system[*], software-only ONTAP Cloud delivers enterprise-class data storage management across cloud vendors—providing you choice without lock-in.

Get the right fit. Select from multiple availability, performance, and capacity options—from cloud-based disaster recovery to production workloads—to meet your storage requirements.

Protect across the Data Fabric. Move your data and applications throughout the Data Fabric—from your premises to the cloud, between regions, and across cloud providers.

Reduce risk. Choose the data location that best fits your business requirements. Change providers or locations with ease.

The NetApp ONTAP Cloud data management service includes everything you need to support your enterprise workloads: OnCommand® Cloud Manager software, NetApp software support, and ONTAP Cloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS) or ONTAP Cloud for Microsoft Azure.

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