NetApp FilerView Administration Tool

The FilerView browser-based administration tool, the primary NetApp system interface, simplifies storage management.

The easy-to-use NetApp® FilerView® browser-based administration tool is available on every NetApp Data ONTAP® storage system. Manage administrative tasks, from installation to complete configuration, from any Web browser using a single GUI, and without special languages or command-line interfaces.

After assigning an IP address to your NetApp system from a console or a DHCP server, you can use the setup wizard to complete configuration and monitor any Data ONTAP resource or service, including:

  • File systems: Disks, volumes, qtrees, and quotas for NFS and CIFS implementation. FilerView reports display the current configuration status for all volumes.
  • Data protection: Snapshot™ and SnapMirror® tools; Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP).
  • Availability: Active-active controller software.
  • Networking: Interface cards; HTTP, DNS, and NIS servers.
  • Administration: Security features, AutoSupport and SecureAdmin software, SNMP utilities, resource monitoring tools.

If you plan to run Data ONTAP 8.1 or later software, you need to use OnCommand™ System Manager software, the new GUI–based software for managing NetApp storage systems. More information on System Manager is available on the System Manager Web page.

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