NetApp SolidFire Element OS Scale-Out Storage

Gain the flexibility to adapt to any workload on demand—leveraging the benefits of a true scale-out storage architecture.

The relentless pace of business change means you need maximum flexibility to adapt to any workload—on the fly. With NetApp® SolidFire® Element OS storage software, you can dynamically scale storage resources to meet those ever-shifting, unpredictable business and application demands.

Start with exactly what you require and scale your storage infrastructure over time—with confidence in the industry's most comprehensive platform compatibility. Each new node delivers a precise amount of additional performance and capacity to the cluster for a predictable pattern of linear scalability. Data is automatically redistributed in the background across all nodes in the cluster, maintaining perfect balance as the system grows.

Forget forklift upgrades. SolidFire lets you simply add new nodes into an established cluster. Old nodes are removed and retired. There’s nothing to migrate, no interruptions, and no settings to change.

Learn how ESG quantified the economic value of SolidFire scale-out capabilities.

Read the SolidFire datasheet PDF.