NetApp SolidFire Element OS Guaranteed Performance

Achieve true scale-out, all-flash storage that’s highly available and easy to control—all with guaranteed performance.

The key to ensuring the system performance you need in mixed workload environments is guaranteed storage quality of service (QoS)—and NetApp® SolidFire® Element OS storage software delivers. Element OS lets you manage performance independently from capacity, ensuring predictable performance to every application you run.

Forget adding capacity to realize incremental, unpredictable performance gains. Each storage volume within a SolidFire system can be allocated a precise amount of capacity and performance, both of which can be changed on the fly without migrating data or interrupting I/O.

This means you can guarantee firm performance SLAs for applications, workloads, and tenants across your infrastructure—a key differentiator for cloud service providers and enterprise clouds alike. Now your infrastructure can host a broad range of performance-sensitive and business-critical applications. You can offer performance SLAs to internal or external customers and facilitate the migration of applications to a more cost-effective and predictable storage infrastructure.

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