NetApp SolidFire Element OS Global Efficiencies

Discover data efficiencies architected for the modern data center. Element OS makes flash at scale an economic reality.

“Performance versus price” has been the traditional trade-off when considering all-flash storage. Not anymore. NetApp® SolidFire® Element OS software delivers all-flash storage for less than the cost of disk—requiring a fraction of the space, power, and cooling.

A SolidFire storage system combines all-SSD performance with highly efficient data distribution and management. Embedded global data deduplication techniques, multilayer data compression, and granular thin provisioning solve traditional storage deficiencies on the fly to make flash at scale an economic reality—all while delivering superior performance.

The SolidFire scale-out architecture ensures there’s plenty of horsepower to reduce and rehydrate data—regardless of performance and capacity demands placed on the system.

Learn how ESG quantified the economic value of SolidFire scale-out capabilities.

Read the SolidFire datasheet PDF.