NetApp SolidFire Element OS Data Assurance

Rely on high-availability data protection for cluster-wide, RAID-less data assurance with NetApp SolidFire Element OS.

When all else fails, your data protection shouldn’t. NetApp® SolidFire® Element OS software delivers ironclad data assurance via patent-pending Helix data storage protection, a distributed replication algorithm that spreads at least two redundant copies of data across all drives within the system.

The result: You’re covered by unsurpassed fault tolerance. Helix data protection has no single point of failure and can absorb multiple, concurrent faults across all levels of the solution—without affecting application performance.

Recovering from a failure within a SolidFire system takes only minutes and is fully automatic. In a failure event, each drive in the system redistributes a small percentage of its data—usually 1–2%—in parallel to the free space on all remaining drives. Failure recovery requires no operator intervention, eliminating the fire drills common with traditional RAID-based architectures.

Synchronous, asynchronous, and snapshot replication options give you maximum flexibility in RPO configuration.

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