NetApp SolidFire Element OS Automated Management

Boost your productivity. Manage and automate your entire storage infrastructure with NetApp SolidFire Element OS.

With any large storage deployment, maximum efficiency is critical. And efficiency hinges on automation. NetApp® SolidFire® management frameworks provide both an intuitive web-based user interface and a robust REST-based API to automate every aspect of storage provisioning, management, and reporting.

Whether you build your own management framework or use an off-the-shelf management stack, our API makes automating storage management simple and straightforward.

SolidFire API functionality has been integrated with the OpenStack, CloudStack, Flexiant, and OnApp frameworks to simplify block storage integration and automation. Infrastructure managers can easily allocate, manage, and guarantee storage performance natively from each of these orchestration layers—creating efficiencies that actually improve with scale, not vice versa.

Leveraging performance controls available through a self-service portal, you can change performance on the fly. Providers can charge their customers based on their performance consumption.

Learn how ESG quantified the economic value of SolidFire scale-out capabilities.

Read the SolidFire datasheet PDF.