NetApp Data ONTAP 8.3: Flash Optimization Features

NetApp Data ONTAP is optimized for flash to improve performance where you need it and reduce overall system cost.

The clustered Data ONTAP® OS PDF is optimized for flash, and NetApp offers a portfolio of enterprise solutions that address a range of business objectives:

  • For greater performance and responsiveness from key applications, integrate NetApp® all-flash storage PDF into your business. Our all-flash storage delivers high IOPS and consistent, submillisecond latency.
  • Get optimal price performance by utilizing the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier PDF (VST) in a hybrid solution that combines flash with HDD. Enabled by NetApp’s strengths in storage efficiency and intelligent caching, VST gives you real-time, data-driven responsiveness, out of the box.
    • Achieve SSD-like performance at HDD-like prices. NetApp Flash Pool PDF intelligent caching lets you mix solid-state disk (SSD) technology and hard-disk drive (HDD) technology at the aggregate level. Deploy low-cost SATA disk drives as your primary HDD tier to minimize cost, space, and power. 
    • Optimize your storage system performance by adding NetApp Flash Cache PDF intelligent caching enabled with controller-attached PCIe card.

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