NetApp SnapManager for SAP

NetApp SnapManager for SAP data management software automates such complex tasks as backup, restore, and cloning.

Data-driven enterprises require 24-hour availability and effective business-critical SAP resource management. You need an agile, cost-effective SAP infrastructure, plus increased data reliability and protection. NetApp® SnapManager for SAP, certified and integrated SAP data management software, automates resource management with the inclusion of our Data ONTAP® modules.

SnapManager streamlines complex, manual, time-consuming SAP data management processes. It enhances backup and data protection with space-efficient technology, and it reduces costs.

NetApp SnapManager promotes accelerated, consistent backup and restore functions, providing nondisruptive recoveries that won’t impact system performance. Recover failed SAP modules to saved Snapshot™ copies in minutes, with no data movement required. Create system copies for QA, development, and testing, with minimal additional storage space.

Snap Manager empowers administrators to perform their own SAP data management, eliminating resource management bottlenecks while boosting data security, reliability, and integrity through strict policy enforcement and automation.

Learn how SnapManager for SAP PDF helps administrators automate complex and time-consuming SAP data management tasks.