This product is no longer available. Consider OnCommand™ Insight for similar but advanced functionality.

Use OnCommand Report to manage your multi-site NetApp data storage environment for inventory, capacity, and efficiency.

NetApp® OnCommand® Report provides a global view of your NetApp storage that spans multiple data centers. OnCommand Report is a no-cost product that lets you roll up 7-mode and clustered Data ONTAP data from multiple instances of OnCommand Unified Manager servers for a comprehensive view of all your NetApp storage assets. You’ll gain greater insight into inventory and capacity utilization, so you can support strategic and tactical decision-making and provide the justification needed for future purchases.

Key OnCommand Report features include:

  • Built-in reports and dashboard summarizing data around inventory, capacity, and efficiency at the enterprise level
  • Custom reports incorporating charts, calculations, and more
  • Personalized dashboards for multiple users
  • Flexible report scheduling with automatic distribution
  • Ability to share custom report and dashboard templates with the NetApp user community

By providing a holistic view of all your NetApp data storage resources, OnCommand Report simplifies and improves capacity planning.

To learn more about OnCommand Report or view custom report templates, visit the NetApp OnCommand Report Community.