NetApp OnCommand Insight Capacity Management

Know your data storage usage for capacity management and to plan what new storage resources to purchase, and when.

Make data storage purchase decisions based on actual usage and business needs, not guesswork. NetApp® OnCommand® Insight offers capacity management reporting features that show trends in your storage resource allocation, capacity consumption, and forecast consumption.

OnCommand Insight aggregates relevant data storage, compute, and switch information and stores it in a data warehouse for flexible enterprise reporting.

Capacity management with OnCommand Insight:

  • Provides accurate reports on storage usage and utilization to simplify the job of capacity planning
  • Lets you audit resource allocations by business unit, data center, and tenant for conformance purposes
  • Promotes cost accountability and enables storage chargeback, because you see who is using what storage resources—and where

OnCommand Insight Plan facilitates application provisioning with near real-time service-tier information, so you can minimize reservation conflicts and outages. Plan your data storage needs with greater accuracy while reducing capital expenditures.

Learn how OnCommand Insight can help you improve capacity planning, accelerate consolidation projects, and meet C-level reporting expectations: