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SolidFire Element X

Software-defined storage for hyperscale enterprises and service providers

Multiple Business Advantages

Accelerate Performance Pictogram

Independent Resources

Allocate and manage independent pools of performance and capacity for complete control of resource utilization.

Storage Automation Pictogram

Automated Management

Automate complex storage management tasks. Deliver deep management integration with 100% programmable storage.

Data Assurance Pictogram

Global Efficiencies

Shrink your data center footprint. Lower operational costs. Global, always-on efficiencies maximize your resources.

Data Protection Pictogram

Data Assurance

Reduce operational overhead and risk. Element OS delivers secure multitenancy on a resilient, self-healing architecture.

Flexible Deployments

Each SolidFire deployment model delivers the compelling features and functionalities of Element OS for your next-generation data center needs.

All-inclusive Appliance

Accelerate next-generation data-center deployments with a complete hardware-plus-software solution.


Innovative Licensing

Get the cost and flexibility benefits of software-only storage—without the supply-chain, system-integration, and support complexities.



Buy innovative storage services, powered by SolidFire—delivered by some of the world’s leading cloud and hosting service providers.


Converged Infrastructure

Dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of your cloud deployments.