Flexible and scalable Fujitsu vShape® transforms legacy IT environments into dynamic, cloud-based infrastructures.

Are you searching for a reliable IT environment that can be adjusted and managed with ease, without taking any risks but gaining full benefits for your business? Fujitsu vShape® solution offers simplicity, speed, and reliability out of one single box.

Converged infrastructures are key to shaping next-generation data centers and transforming legacy, silo-based IT environments into dynamic, automated, virtualized, cloud-based infrastructures that allow for comprehensive application and service delivery and enable agile responses to changing business demands.

The flexible and scalable vShape solution combines all aspects of a virtual environment, based on best practices, with simple implementation and operation.

vShape provides you with:

  • An IT infrastructure for cloud and virtualized environments based on industry standards
  • Immediate access to cloud and virtualization through a fast and risk-free implementation
  • Easy handling and administration
  • Simple and cost-effective expandability

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