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Sep 18, 2017NetApp SolidFire Element OS Setup GuideDatasheet
This guide provides information about how to use the NetApp SolidFire Element OS Web user interface (UI) to configure and manage a SolidFire storage system. Use this guide when installing, managing, or troubleshooting your storage solution.
Sep 18, 2017NetApp SolidFire Plug-in for VMware vCenter Server Web Client User GuideDatasheet
The NetApp SolidFire vCenter Plug-in is a web-based tool integrated with the VMware vSphere® Web Client user interface (UI). The Plug-in is an extension and alternative interface for VMware vSphere users who have deployed a NetApp HCI or NetApp SolidFire AllFlash Storage Array cluster environment.
Jan 12, 2012Deployment Guide for Citrix XenDesktop 5, Provisioning Services, XenServer, ...Technical Report
This technical report provides a step-by-step guide and best practices for deploying Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) on Citrix XenServer and VMware® vSphere™ using NetApp storage. This document details the deployment of a Windows 7 virtual desktop infrastructure using Citrix XenDesktop 5 and ...
Jun 21, 2010VAMED-KMB Simplifies Facility Management on SAP with NetApp Unified Storage ...Customer Story
Challenge: Centralized, flexible, and scalable storage for SAP applications Solution: NetApp unified storage with a tiered data protection concept for SAP The Benefits: • Reduced administrative overhead with centralized management • Ensured uptime due to MetroCluster and on-the-fly scalability • ...
Jan 06, 2010VMware vSphere and ESX 3.5 Multiprotocol Performance Comparison Using FC, ...Technical Report
This document compares the performance of 4GbE FC, 1GbE and 10GbE iSCSI, and 1GbE and 10GbE NFS protocols using both VMware® vSphere™ 4.0 and ESX 3.5 on NetApp® storage systems. This document seeks to compare the individual protocol performance and CPU utilization at varying workloads.
Sep 09, 2009Development and Test Solution for SQL Server DatabasesTechnical Report
In this paper we discuss the solutions that address the challenges faced by DBA’s in supporting application development and testing. These solutions are based on NetApp’s technologies and bring tremendous savings in time, resource-utilization and effort.
Jul 07, 2009IBM DB2 9.5 Performance and Scalability on RHEL5 with NFS and FCP Using ...Technical Report
Before you make a business decision to use FCP or NFS for your DB2 database in a NetApp® FAS or IBM N series environment, you need to consider various factors such as performance, scalability, and cost. This paper is based on a joint study between NetApp and IBM and offers tuning recommendations ...
Jun 09, 2009Using Performance Acceleration Module in Exchange 2007 SolutionsTechnical Report
This report describes the benefits of the Performance Acceleration Module (PAM) for Microsoft® Exchange 2007 workloads based on lab studies. It also describes the processes that enable one to answer some frequently asked questions regarding PAM and Exchange, such as how many disks a PAM card ...
May 10, 2009Solutions for SAP Test Data Migration Server with NetApp StorageTechnical Report
This document describes the best practices for deploying NetApp® storage solutions in support of SAP® Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) to improve the efficiency and speed of the data migration process.
May 07, 2008Hard drive on the Internet – Storegate relies on NetApp as the storage backboneCustomer Story
Challenge: Ensure availability and protection of online data for thoursands of customers; gain a better flexibility to design and fulfill new service offerings Solution: NetApp FAS6030 MetroCluster to ensure business continuity; intelligent data management to protect data Benefits: - Match annual...
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