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Aug 30, 2017FabricPool Best Practices | TR-4598Technical Report
This technical report details FabricPool best practices for ONTAP. Functionality is covered in terms of capabilities, requirements, implementation, and best practices.
Aug 27, 2017TR-4547: Continuous Integration (CI) Pipeline with Git, Jenkins, JFrog ...Technical Report
Enterprise-class NetApp® storage provides several data services that integrate with CI tools such as Git, Jenkins, and JFrog Artifactory. RESTful API's provide automation for developers to write, test, build, stage, and deploy their apps without any knowledge of the underlying storage, yet ...
Aug 24, 2017FlexPod Datacenter Technical Specifications | TR-4036Technical Report
This document contains specifications, requirements, and rule sets as a guide for building or assembling a valid FlexPod Datacenter configuration.
Aug 24, 2017Deploying NetApp E-Series Copy Services with Oracle and SQL Server DatabasesTechnical Report
This guide is intended for storage administrators and database administrators to help them successfully deploy NetApp® E-Series and EF-Series copy services with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.
Aug 21, 2017TR-4617: Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Best PracticesTechnical Report
This document highlights best practices and implementation tips in NetApp® ONTAP® for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) workloads. It also calls attention to NetApp FlexGroup volumes, which are ideal for handling the high metadata overhead in EDA environments.
Aug 21, 2017NetApp SolidFire Storage for OpenStack Configuration GuideTechnical Report
This document explains how to configure and connect an OpenStack software Cinder host to a NetApp® SolidFire® storage system. It also provides best practices and implementation recommendations.
Aug 19, 2017OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2: Best Practices GuideTechnical Report
This document outlines basic deployment and best practice guidelines for NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2. In addition, it will guide you with all the design questions you may need to consider in building an OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2 instance.
Aug 18, 2017Tr-4619: SolidFire Fibre Channel Configuration GuideTechnical Report
In this configuration guide, we discuss SolidFire Fibre Channel nodes and detail the required cabling, storage area network zoning, and configuration maximums.
Aug 17, 2017SAP HANA on VMware vSphere and NetApp FAS and AFF Systems | TR-4338Technical Report
TR-4338 assists customers in designing and deploying SAP HANA scale-up solutions on VMware vSphere virtual machines and NetApp® FAS storage systems. This reference architecture is a deployed and documented solution based on experiences with existing VMware and NetApp customers, real-world ...
Aug 17, 2017TR-4618 NetApp ONTAP 9 External Key Management: Vormetric Key Management ...Technical Report
This guide describes how to use the Vormetric external key management solution for NetApp® ONTAP® 9 data management software.
Results 1 - 10 of 811