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Aug 17, 2015SAP HANA Backup and Recovery Using Snap Creator | TR-4313Technical Report
The document describes the installation and configuration of the NetApp® backup and recovery solution for SAP HANA. The solution is based on Snap Creator® framework and the Snap Creator plug-in for SAP HANA. The solution is supported with the certified SAP HANA multinode appliance from Cisco ...
Aug 17, 2015Performance Validation of Mentor Graphics Questa with FAS8080EX and All-Flash...Technical Report
This report focuses on the benefits of using FAS8080EX and SSD, which can provide a higher service-level offering (SLO) to certain projects that are very critical and time sensitive and require much lower latency and predictable performance during the lifetime of the project.
Aug 12, 2015Secure Unified Authentication | TR-4073Technical Report
This document describes the configuration of NetApp storage systems running clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 to leverage Secure Unified Authentication via Kerberos v5, NFSv4 and LDAP. Windows 2008R2 (and 2012) is used for the KDC and LDAP server in this document.
Aug 12, 2015Name Services Best Practice Guide | TR-4379Technical Report
Clustered Data ONTAP provides the ability to leverage external name services such as DNS, LDAP and NIS for enterprise NAS environments. The Name Services Best Practice guide covers how to best configure name services for use with clustered Data ONTAP.
Aug 10, 2015Antivirus Solution Guide for Clustered Data ONTAP: Kaspersky | TR-4445Technical Report
An antivirus solution is key to enable enterprises to protect their data from viruses and malware. Storage systems running the NetApp® clustered Data ONTAP® operating system can be protected through an off-box antivirus solution. This document covers deployment procedures for the components of ...
Jul 27, 2015ITaas: Simplifying Application and Storage Provisioning Using OnCommand ...Technical Report
NetApp® OnCommand® Workflow Automation (WFA) provides a mechanism for standardizing data center automation activities. It enables one-click automation and deployment of Microsoft applications by enabling the use of best practices related to NetApp storage. This report describes the integration of...
Jul 27, 2015Optimizing SAP Lifecycle Management with NetApp Solutions for SAP HANA | TR-4439Technical Report
This technical report describes the optimization of SAP lifecycle management with NetApp® storage technology and software integration products.
Jul 20, 2015Integrating NetApp FAS with SAP Landscape Virtualization ManagementTechnical Report
This document describes how to set up an SAP infrastructure and configure SAP Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM) to optimize NetApp® storage features with NetApp Storage Services Connector (SSC) or the extensibility of SAP LVM.
Jul 20, 2015Best Practice Guide for Microsoft SQL Server with NetApp EF-Series | TR-4259Technical Report
TR-4259 describes best practices to help storage administrators and database administrators successfully deploy Microsoft SQL Server on NetApp® EF-Series storage.
Jul 17, 2015Data Caching with Avere and Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.1Technical Report
This technical paper illustrates the best practice recommendations for different modes of deployment and integration of Avere FXT cluster with NetApp clustered Data ONTAP® and highlights the different scenarios that would benefit from the integration.
Results 1 - 10 of 714