NetApp Product Security

NetApp is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customer data.

As the #1 provider of data storage and management to the U.S. Federal government, NetApp understands the importance of security. NetApp's history reflects an ongoing commitment to security certification and to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability needs of customers and partners. NetApp was the first storage provider to: 

NetApp follows a security life cycle model to ensure the integrity of our solutions. Our kernel and architecture provide reliability and security in: 

  • Confidentiality – Preventing unauthorized access to customer data
  • Integrity – Preventing unauthorized changes to customer data
  • Availability – Making sure customer data is available (resisting Denial of Service attacks)

NetApp products are equipped with strict Role Based Access Control measures to control administrative access, as well as secure protocols, audit logging, and industry standard encryption. Together, these features help to ensure secure products and solutions for our customers.