NetApp Inc. WSCA/NASPO Master Price Agreement Number: B27170

Federal Tax ID: 77-0307520

Tennessee state contract number: 35883
Contract Term: September 1, 2009 through September 30, 2015

NetApp is requesting that our WSCA customers complete the NASPO Survey below so NetApp can evaluate their performance in support of our NetApp WSCA Contract.

You must reference the WSCA/NASPO contract number (to be determined) on all purchase orders. Be advised that your state may have restricted products and/or services which are not allowed under your participating addendum. Review your state contract for limitations.

Your NetApp, Inc. WSCA/NASPO Tennessee Contacts:

Sales Assistance: Local Government & Education
Joey Jackson
Sales Representative
Phone: (859) 619-9634

Or one of the NetApp partners located at Ordering Instructions-Authorized Resellers & Partners above

Sales Assistance: State Agencies
Glenn Moss
Sales Representative
Phone: (678) 358-7043
Order Placement and Billing Concerns: Govt, Education
Arvell Kiah Jr.
In-Side Sales Representative
Phone: (919) 476-5801
Service Renewals/Upgrades: Govt, Education
Kate Cramer
Service Contract Administrator
Phone: (615) 523-7338

Warranty, Maintenance, and Problem Requests: 

Phone: (888) 4-NETAPP = (888) 463-8277 or (916) 576-7808

Click here to access the official WSCA/NASPO website.