NetApp Inc. WSCA/NASPO Master Price Agreement Number: B27170

Federal Tax ID: 77-0307520

Louisiana state contract number: 408757
Contract Term: April 8, 2011 through August 31, 2014

NetApp is requesting that our WSCA customers complete the NASPO Survey below so NetApp can evaluate their performance in support of our NetApp WSCA Contract.

All purchase orders issued by purchasing entities must include WSCA contract number B27170 and Louisiana state contract number 408757. Individual line items shall not exceed $50,000. Total release/purchase order amount shall not exceed $1,000,000. Procurements shall not be artificially divided to circumvent the $1,000,000 threshold.

The following are excluded from purchase under this contract:

·  operating systems, except pre-loaded on the equipment to be purchased and   allowed only at the time of purchase of the equipment 
·   local area network devices 
·   professional services 
·   trade ins 
·   travel 
·   takeback program 
·   lease agreements

Software purchases are limited to software pre-loaded on the equipment to be purchased and is allowed only at the time of the purchase of the hardware and must be in compliance with the louisiana revised statutes 39:199d and lac title 34, chapter 55, section 5505

Services shall be limited to warranty services, hardware maintenance, initial installation, initial imaging of workstations, training directly related to the support of the hardware, excluding customized training and/or software training, and initial software imaging at time of installation upon request of the purchasing entity.  General consulting and all forms of application development and programming services are excluded.

Installation is limited to the initial set-up and initial diagnostics of equipment and peripherals purchased from the contract. Installation is to be used only at the time of the purchase of the component(s) from the state contract. Installation is not to be used for configuration or reconfiguration of network equipment, installation or rearrangement of in-building or outside wiring/cabling nor any other fashion.

Your NetApp, Inc. WSCA/NASPO Louisiana Contacts:

Sales Assistance: All levels of Government & Education
Tom Rigamonti
Sales Representative
Phone: (713) 266-8828

Or one of the NetApp partners located at Ordering Instructions-Authorized Resellers & Partners above

Order Placement and Billing Concerns: Govt & Education
Michael Musolf
In-Side Sales Representative
Phone: (919) 476-5288
Service Renewals/Upgrades: All levels of Government & Education
Brianna McGoff
Service Contract Administrator
Phone: (615) 733-2895

Warranty, Maintenance, and Problem Requests: 

Phone: (888) 4-NETAPP = (888) 463-8277 or (916) 576-7808

Click here to access the official WSCA/NASPO website.