NASPO ValuePoint formerly WSCA-NASPO California


NASPO ValuePoint formerly WSCA-NASPO

Participating Addendum for California Contract Number: 7-15-70-34-006

Contract Term: October 1, 2015 through March 31, 2020.

You must reference the NASPO ValuePoint contract number 7-15-70-34-006 on all purchase orders. Be advised that your state may have restricted products and/or services which are not allowed under your participating addendum. Review your state contract for limitations.

Your NetApp, Inc. NASPO California Contacts:

Sales Assistance: All Levels of Government and Education
Mark Scannell
District Sales Manager
Phone: (408) 596-0578

Or contact one of the NetApp partners located at Ordering Instructions-Authorized Resellers & Partners above.

Contract Management:
Harry Franks
Manager of Sales Operations
Phone: (703) 918-7317

For sales, service renewals and upgrades:
Phone:  (877) 4 NETAPP or (877) 263-8277

For technical support, click here:
Phone:  (888) 4 NETAPP or (888) 463-8277

Access the official NASPO ValuePoint website