Our Newest Storage Solutions with a 90-Day Payment Holiday*

NetApp Capital Solutions offers new financing options for our latest FAS storage solutions, software, and services.

Get the power and performance of our newest NetApp® enterprise storage solutions now and make no payments with no interest for 90 days.

Deferring payments and interest for 90 days can help your organization save while transitioning your infrastructure from a legacy environment to our enterprise-class FAS storage systems. NetApp Capital Solutions can create a financial solution to assist you with:

  • Transitioning from another vendor lease agreement to a new one with NetApp
  • Allowing time for installation and data migration
  • Avoiding double payments for support, services, and/or new hardware
  • Becoming competent with managing the technology before full cutover

Remember, NetApp also offers the most efficient storage infrastructure. We guarantee you will use 50% less storage with NetApp as compared to a baseline of traditional storage. These same efficiencies can be gained even with your existing third-party storage managed by NetApp FlexArray storage virtualization software. We are so sure about the savings you’ll see that we guarantee your FAS8000 with FlexArray will pay for itself in nine months or less—including the software and support required—or we’ll make up the difference.

We make it easier to stay ahead of advances in technology by combining NetApp services, support, and education as well as third-party and partner-provided services into a single strategic acquisition. Combined with our storage guarantees, NetApp Capital Solutions makes it possible to realize a faster return on your new investment, maintain profitability, and improve your competitiveness.

Contact your NetApp sales representative for details at +1 877 263-8277, or contact your Financial Solutions Manager.