Innovation Awards - Rules

Rules and regulations for the awards program

  1. Winners must currently use NetApp® solutions, products, or technologies in their IT infrastructure or environment.
  2. Winners must have a representative available to send to NetApp Insight Las Vegas, Nevada, and be present to accept the award October 12-15, 2015. NetApp will pay travel expenses, including accommodations, for the winners as well as conference passes for attendees. If winners cannot attend the awards ceremony, they will forfeit their entry and winnings. Companies who participate in this program certify that their participation and receipt of the awards do not violate any of their respective company policies.
  3. Winning companies and individuals must agree to the use of their name, logo, and likeness in a press release, marketing collateral, and in promotion through NetApp social media channels. However, winners will not be required to detail their deployment to the media.
  4. All entries must be submitted online.
  5. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  6. To accommodate restrictions against federal and state government employees accepting gifts, federal and state government agencies and their employees are eligible for nomination provided they pay their own travel and accommodation expenses and can accept the actual physical award from NetApp (valued at approximately US$500). A federal integrator or state reseller associated with the winning project may attend in place of the winning government winner if the winner so decides. NetApp will pay travel expenses, including accommodations, for the federal integrator/state reseller of the winning federal government customer.