PeakColo is an enterprise-class infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud service provider to other service providers. Through PeakColo, channel partners white-label PeakColo’s services and own their customer relationships, built atop PeakColo’s IaaS environment. They can rapidly enter the cloud marketplace under their own brand without capital expenditure, enjoying a faster route to profitability. Working with PeakColo, channel partners can eliminate up-front capital expenditures, enter the market and start generating revenue rapidly, and deliver high-margin complementary services.

With data centers in six geographies nationwide and in Europe (Seattle, Denver, Chicago, New Jersey, New York and the United Kingdom), PeakColo’s cloud environment includes tens of thousands of virtual machines, multiple petabytes of storage, and successful completion of the Type II SSAE 16 and SOC 2 examinations. PeakColo is VMware vCloud Powered, and is a Platinum-level NetApp service provider.

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Competitive cloud services

Whether delivering a secure, single-tenant hosted private cloud or a multi-tenant public cloud, PeakColo empowers enterprises to reduce capital expenditures with a resilient, pay-as-you-go operating-expense approach to IT. With a focus on IaaS solutions with on-demand computing and storage resources, PeakColo helps empower its customers to concentrate on their core business rather than on maintenance of their data center facilities.

PeakColo WhiteCloud Services are a unique IaaS solution that allows value-added resellers, systems integrators, and managed service providers to rebrand the solution for their own cloud services.

“Our WhiteCloud Services work hand in hand with VMware and NetApp. With these integrated technologies, customers can ship their virtual machines in and out of the cloud with ease. VMware and NetApp technology are at the core of our competitive advantage—and of our customers’,” says Luke Norris, CEO, PeakColo.

Innovation, from technology to service delivery and pricing

To support its new business model, the company needed to deploy leading-edge communications and related technology packages. But the differentiation is by no means limited to products and services. As PeakColo CEO Luke Norris explains, “We also find we have to continuously innovate in our service delivery and pricing. As opposed to fixed and relatively inflexible contracts, the company’s customers want true volume-based payment models.” But that, says Norris, takes a lot of innovative thinking and hard work to enable. It’s an entirely new mindset.

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Clustering: the key to private, flexible storage environments

To deliver its WhiteCloud Services, PeakColo needed highly flexible, scalable storage clusters that would allow it to quickly provision storage for new service provider customers. Secure multi-tenancy was imperative to quickly and effectively partition storage into private, flexible storage environments. The company deployed a total of 10 NetApp FAS3270 and FAS3240 storage systems in its 5 Type II SSAE 16/SOC 1 data centers. NetApp clustered Data ONTAP provides the massive throughput and scalability needed to rapidly grow PeakColo’s WhiteCloud Services while delivering superior cloud services to existing customers.

Clustered Data ONTAP is configured in pairs for high availability, which helps PeakColo meet its stringent 100% uptime SLAs. The Data ONTAP operating system equips PeakColo with the flexibility to add up to dozens of FAS controllers and storage as needed to scale to multiple gigabytes per second of throughput and petabytes of capacity.

NetApp Flash Cache provides PeakColo with the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier, offering the company additional performance benefits by combining NetApp efficiency and intelligent caching technologies to optimize storage system performance. The NetApp Virtual Storage Tier promotes PeakColo customers’ hot data in real time without moving the data, allowing the company to scale performance and capacity in a highly efficient manner.

NetApp and VMware integration powers secure multi-tenancy

Equally important, NetApp storage integrates with PeakColo’s virtualized VMware vSphere® and vCloud Director environment. PeakColo is a Premier VMware Service Provider Partner and one of the first cloud infrastructure providers to achieve the VMware vCloud Powered designation. PeakColo builds unique white-label-branded vCloud Director instances, allowing its customers to have highly customized environments on PeakColo’s shared infrastructure. NetApp Vserver integrated with vCloud Director helps PeakColo deliver a shared storage infrastructure with secure multi-tenancy.

The tightly integrated NetApp and VMware environment enables PeakColo to offer software-defined data center services by pooling infrastructure into virtual data centers for secure Web-based access to its customers.

From the end-customer standpoint, VMware vCloud Director enables multi-tenant hybrid clouds that combine the customer’s on-premise private cloud infrastructure with PeakColo’s off-premise cloud. With the NetApp and VMware vCloud Powered infrastructure, PeakColo can deliver public, private, hybrid, DR, and custom solutions from data centers in multiple locations—all without the risk and capital costs of building internal capacity.


NetApp Products

NetApp FAS3270 and FAS3240 storage systems
Clustered Data ONTAP
Virtual Storage Tier
Flash Cache

Virtualization Products

VMware vSphere 5
VMware vCloud Director
VMware vCloud Connector



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  • Scales to manage 300% annual growth
  • Provisions storage in less than two hours
  • Meets rigorous 100%-availability SLAs to close more deals
  • Decreases capex and opex via 73% storage requirement reduction
  • Meets diverse customer requirement
  • Reduces IT management costs, passing savings to customers

A competitive edge for customers

Backed by NetApp storage and VMware virtualization solutions, PeakColo WhiteCloud Services deliver on-demand, pay-as-you-go computing and storage resources to the company’s distribution, data center, service provider, systems integrator, and VAR channel partners, all while saving them the cost of having to build their own infrastructures.

PeakColo can satisfy its customer demand for enterprise-cloud services, benefiting clients with lower capital and operating expenses, efficient resource usage, reliable uptime, 100%-reliable service-level agreements, flexible systems that enable business agility, and the ability to provision storage in less than two hours.

NetApp and VMware also help PeakColo meet its customers’ changing service requirements with NetApp clustered Data ONTAP, allowing PeakColo to deliver mixed workloads in a balanced, nondisruptive way. They can also seamlessly perform maintenance and upgrade activities by moving data among controllers, with no disruption to systems and business operations.

“Without VMware and NetApp technology, none of this would be possible,” Norris says. “Our customers gain enormous efficiencies. They can move workloads as needed, and pay only for what they use.”

Data migration and assessment for reduced customer risk

A common denominator among PeakColo customers is that they process large amounts of data and need high-input/-output performance, reliability, and security governance to comply with industry-specific regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOX. PeakColo enables these requirements with hybrid-cloud/collocation flexibility within a SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2 compliant facility.

“PeakColo is a trailblazer in enabling our service provider customers to deliver both public cloud services and value-added services such as data migration and data assessment from the same flexible cloud framework,” notes Norris. “NetApp and VMware are key to providing our customers the flexibility to leverage the same storage environment to meet the diverse and changing needs of their customers. Simply put, VMware and NetApp clustered Data ONTAP are a game-changer.”

Cost savings for PeakColo

The company balances performance and cost with NetApp multiprotocol support, which helps enable PeakColo to leverage both NFS and iSCSI investments. NetApp deduplication enables PeakColo to reduce storage requirements by up to 73%, decreasing hardware, power, and cooling costs. The ability to reduce storage requirements enables investment in new technologies and easier scalability, an important factor for a company managing 300% annual growth.

Easy storage provisioning, advanced storage management

PeakColo delivers value in every customer solution by staying true to its company mantra of “total flexibility,” with a commitment to address each service provider customer’s unique challenges through flexible cloud solutions and 100% uptime. Clustered Data ONTAP technology helps PeakColo build individual virtual SANs for its customers and connect the SANs to each customer’s private VMware cloud environment. Quickly provisioning virtual SANs is vital to customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

“We can provision storage in less than two hours and establish the entire virtual SAN for a new customer in less than four hours,” says Norris. “From there, customers can provision the resources needed to meet the requirements of their own customers. Our service provider customers log into the Data ONTAP 8 Web interface and view and manage the storage just like they would their own private SAN. We can manage the entire NetApp cluster from a central portal. Less than two full-time storage administrators manage 3PB of NetApp data. NetApp helps us reduce IT management costs, and we can pass along those savings to our customers.”

Meeting 300% growth in demand

Besides streamlining storage management, NetApp clustered Data ONTAP and VMware vCloud allow PeakColo to scale out at the pace needed to be competitive in the cloud market. NetApp performance enabled by the Virtual Storage Tier, 10GB interfaces, and other capabilities help PeakColo achieve 100% availability and meet rigorous SLAs with its customers. NetApp also helps the company close deals when service providers experience the superior I/O throughput delivered by NetApp and VMware during proof-of-concept trials.

“Service providers realize that, through our WhiteCloud Services on NetApp storage and VMware technologies, we can deliver a level of scalability and performance that, in reality, they simply couldn’t afford if they invested in their own infrastructures,” concludes Norris.

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