NetApp® StoreVault™ Answers the Call for SMB Customer, Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation

Sunnyvale, Calif. - November 20, 2007 -- StoreVault, a NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) division, today announced that a locally owned and operated telephone company, Chariton Valley, deployed the StoreVault S500 all-in-one storage solution to meet its growing challenges with increasing storage capacity, performance demands, and unreliable backup and recovery.

Chariton Valley provides state-of-the-art communications services such as telephone, wireless, Internet, and cable TV to businesses and residents of Northeast Missouri. As a small business, Chariton Valley lacked a dedicated storage expert. The company undertook an ambitious project to upgrade its technology infrastructure to deal with its fast-growing and changing business.

One of the biggest challenges Chariton Valley faced was its significant data growth. With 90 employees and 45 servers managing 2TB of data, management became complex and cumbersome, with an infrastructure that included HP servers with internal storage and Adaptec Snap Servers. Large amounts of data generated by call data records (records used for logging and billing calls) and user files were scattered throughout the network, pushing Chariton Valley to its capacity limits.

"We were a small company that was still very behind the technology curve and dealing with a lot of change," said Jesse Estevez, network operations director with Chariton Valley. "Our mandate is that we don't throw away any data, but we lacked a centralized strategy to manage all the scattered data on the network living on multiple servers. Our data growth caused huge problems and created a headache in data management as users filled up hard drives quickly. And just keeping the servers functional became a nuisance-file shares containing accounting and call record data failed at least twice a year, shutting them down completely."

Chariton Valley also experienced tremendous backup and recovery pain which led to severe network congestion. Their current solution created performance issues and required applications to be shut down, disrupting users from 4 or 5 hours up to 2 days.

"When we spoke with Chariton Valley, we knew that StoreVault was the right solution for them," said Merrill Likes, CEO of UpTime, a StoreVault technology solutions partner. "We specialize in helping customers implement the right solutions for their businesses. All of this was very new to Chariton Valley, so we thought who better to talk with them than another SMB customer. Once Chariton Valley saw the NetApp solution in action and the benefits realized, their decision was easy."

With two StoreVault solutions, Chariton Valley now centralizes and replicates all its data for disaster recovery. StoreVault Snapshot™ technology enables instant point-in-time backups for all data residing on the StoreVault S500 without the need to shut down applications or disrupt users. Restores are instantaneous as well, enabling Chariton Valley to quickly recover files.

"Since we put the StoreVault S500 into production, we have not had a single instance of storage-related downtime," said Darin Oswalt, network analyst with Chariton Valley. "StoreVault was personally committed to seeing us succeed, which was very important to us since this was our first investment in storage. We've been so thrilled with the results so far that we plan to purchase additional StoreVault solutions in the future to virtualize our entire storage environment."

"The frustrations that Chariton Valley was experiencing are similar to those that many of our customers face," said Sajai Krishnan, general manager of StoreVault. "Lost time is lost money for SMBs, so any sort of storage-related downtime is significant. Working with the teams at UpTime and Chariton Valley, we were able to determine the right strategy to help improve their business. The StoreVault S500 is helping Chariton Valley stay connected so that their customers can stay connected as well."

The StoreVault S500 is a scalable all-in-one networked storage appliance that is customized for SMBs at a price point that fits SMB budgets. With its intuitive Windows® graphical user interface, the StoreVault S500 is easy to install and simple to manage, while providing enterprise-class networked storage functionality. The StoreVault S500 has been deployed across a wide range of industries to solve the growing customer challenges of data growth, data protection, and data management.

For more information on how NetApp and the StoreVault S500 played a big role in dealing with Chariton Valley's fast-growing and changing business, listen to Jesse Estevez, network operations director with Chariton Valley, on a NetApp TechTalk podcast located at

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