NetApp® StoreVault™ Extinguishes Data Management Challenges for Maricopa Fire District

Sunnyvale, Calif. - August 29, 2007 -- As the city of Maricopa, Arizona experienced significant population growth, the local fire district faced several challenges with the addition of new fire stations and numerous personnel to expand their fire services. One of these challenges was their explosive data growth. To help address their data management needs, the Maricopa Fire District turned to StoreVault, a NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) division, to improve the availability, reliability, and scalability of their storage infrastructure.

For the Maricopa Fire District, instantaneous information retrieval can be a matter of life and death. For this reason, the IT team automated functions such as fire ground command, pre-fire planning, building inspection records, and personnel records. However, new challenges surfaced when staffing grew 500% and file sharing needs and application requirements increased from 250GB to 600 GB, or 140%, in 12 months.

The Maricopa Fire District realized that their current infrastructure had significant limitations. Capacity expansion was very difficult, because storage was direct attached. Adding local storage to existing servers meant approximately 2 hours of downtime, and it also took up to 10 minutes to access data. In addition, backup and disaster recovery were serious problems and restores were slow-individual files took up to 60 minutes and server recovery a whole day. In a profession requiring 5-minute response times, this was unworkable.

"We needed a device that was expandable, reliable, served at least 250 users, and could replicate data across the network on a local government budget," said Ben Graff, IT and communications director of the Maricopa Fire District. "We also wanted file-serving support and block-level application support for our blade servers. We were disappointed with the overpriced solutions on the market and the added costs for replication software."

"The multiprotocol support, replication ability, scalability, and performance of the StoreVault S500 were exactly what the Maricopa Fire District was looking for," said Chuck Griffin of QCM Technologies, a StoreVault reseller and provider of strategic hardware and software solutions for small and midsized businesses. "To have all these features and functionality in a single all-in-one networked storage appliance is a huge benefit for customers, especially at the affordable cost of the StoreVault S500."

"I am a hesitant shopper, and StoreVault came along at the perfect time when I had exhausted all other avenues of finding a useable solution," added Graff. "I've been especially grateful for the simplicity of the solution. The interface is so intuitive that anyone can have it dropped in their lap and use it. StoreVault has really exceeded my expectations."

The Maricopa Fire District consolidated all its file servers and moved application server storage onto the StoreVault S500, providing quick and efficient storage expansion. With a StoreVault S500 deployed in each of its new fire station facilities, the IT department can now replicate data between sites so that data is always available at an alternate location in case of disaster. In addition, the StoreVault S500 eliminated application server downtime during storage capacity expansion and improved availability and reliability.

"Small and medium businesses face many of the same challenges as larger enterprise customers," said Sajai Krishnan, general manager of StoreVault. "The Maricopa Fire District was hitting the wall with growing capacity demands, availability and performance demands, and a lack of reliable backup and recovery solutions. StoreVault was able to simplify data management, deployment, and planning with one single solution during the Fire District's hectic growth and resource demands. Now their IT staff can focus on their continued growth plans rather than putting out fires caused by their storage infrastructure."

The StoreVault S500 is a scalable all-in-one networked storage appliance that is customized for SMBs at a price point that can fit SMB budgets. With its intuitive Windows® graphical user interface, the StoreVault S500 is easy to install and simple to manage, while providing enterprise-class networked storage functionality. The StoreVault S500 has been deployed across a wide range of industries to solve the growing customer challenges of data growth, data protection, and data management.

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