NetApp Certifies ARTEC E-Mail Archiving Appliances

Sunnyvale, Calif. - March 8, 2007 -- Today, Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) announced certification of ARTEC® IT Solutions e-mail archiving appliances-the EMA S40 and S400-with NetApp® SnapLock® software. Now ARTEC® EMA® appliances work seamlessly with NetApp unified storage systems running SnapLock software with WORM (write once read many) volumes, providing customers with tamper-proof, compliant storage on disk-based secondary and primary storage systems.

The explosion in e-mail and e-mail attachments, combined with increased attention to regulatory compliance and corporate governance issues, is fueling data management and compliance challenges for customers. ARTEC EMA appliances deployed with NetApp unified storage and SnapLock software provide customers with data replication, data protection, and maximum reliability when backing up business-critical e-mail data. NetApp SnapLock software provides companies the flexibility to comply with regulatory and best-practices records-retention requirements by allowing the creation of separate WORM volumes on NetApp NearStore® and FAS storage systems, thereby preventing critical files from being altered or deleted before a specified retention date.

ARTEC EMA appliances empower customers to create a secure and easily manageable archive of all e-mail traffic. The appliances automatically keep a safe copy of both received and sent e-mail and assign the backup as an archive, providing companies with an easier way to archive all relevant business e-mails. Certification with NetApp SnapLock software means that customers' e-mails are time and date stamped and then encrypted using the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) method. SnapLock then "locks down" the e-mails once they are automatically archived so they cannot be altered.

"E-mail is a data management monster," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Solutions and Alliances at Network Appliance. "Certification of EMA appliances with NetApp unified storage and SnapLock software provides customers with a simplified approach to managing e-mail as well as a means to significantly reduce risks associated with keeping data tamperproof and compliant. With this certification we are helping customers simplify a complex data management and archiving challenge."

ARTEC Computer GmbH specializes in providing solutions for business continuity. They company headquarters are located in Karben (near Frankfurt am Main) in Germany. Founded in 1995, the company develops custom hardware, software and appliance solutions. The company's flagship product is the EMA® E-Mail Archive Appliance.

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