NetApp® StoreVault™ Extends Comprehensive, Enterprise-Class Replication and Fibre Channel Support to SMBs

Sunnyvale, Calif. - November 20, 2006 -- StoreVault, a NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) division, today announced new features to its award-winning StoreVault S500 for improved simplicity, scalability, and data management for small and medium businesses (SMBs). With today's news, StoreVault is delivering on its promise to make the best of enterprise-proven storage technology from NetApp available to the SMB market through an easy-to-use and flexible network storage solution at a price point that fits SMB budgets. StoreVault has added the following new features to Data ONTAP® StoreVault Edition and StoreVault Manager to further extend enterprise-class functionality to the SMB masses:
  • StoreVault Replication. Based on NetApp enterprise technology, StoreVault Replication is the first SMB storage software that can copy both file and block data between locations. StoreVault Replication is easily enabled with a software license key and designed to simply manage replication between multiple StoreVault S500s using the new StoreVault Manager 2.0 interface. Instead of third-party software loaded on various servers, StoreVault Replication provides comprehensive replication at an affordable price that is integrated in the StoreVault S500 to address all types of data on the system.
  • Fibre Channel (FC) Support. StoreVault is teaming with QLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QLGC) to provide the StoreVault FC Starter Kit, which includes a factory-installed host bus adapter (HBA), a 10-port 4Gbit Fibre Channel switch, and QLogic SANsurfer Express software. Additional FC HBAs are available for a simple, customized solution. The FC Starter Kit is ideal for first-time FC installations, bringing simplicity to FC storage area networks (SANs) by enabling StoreVault customers to start with NAS or iSCSI SAN and scale to Fibre Channel as their data requirements evolve without buying a separate network storage system.

The StoreVault S500 provides seamless technology functionality without the need for new hardware, resources, cycles, or training investment. For example, StoreVault Replication is built into StoreVault Manager 2.0 and the software is an embedded application in Data ONTAP StoreVault Edition. Other replication products depend on third-party servers or operate separately from the storage system, forcing unnecessary network traffic and deployment complexity. The StoreVault S500 provides one centralized network storage solution for efficient data movement, disaster recovery, and off-site backup services, eliminating the need to purchase, install, or learn new hardware or additional software.

Gartner Dataquest recently conducted a global small and midsize business user survey in 11 major countries including the United States, three European countries (the United Kingdom, Germany, and France), Japan, and six countries in Asia/Pacific (Australia, China, India, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan). The October 2006 survey, "User Survey Analysis: Top Storage Demands from Global Small and Midsize Businesses," was completed with 1,138 respondents, with each country evenly represented by 100 or slightly more than 100 respondents. According to the survey, two of the top five problems IT personnel are facing when managing storage are lack of reliable backup/recovery solutions and lack of storage management tools. In addition, among the top storage software solutions that will receive the greatest amount of new budget dollars during the next one to three years are backup and replication software and storage resource management (SRM)/SAN management software.

"My SMB customers have multiple locations where StoreVault Replication delivers an attractive solution for their disaster recovery needs," said Greg Knieriemen, vice president, marketing, Chi Corporation. "Unlike the piecemeal offerings of other network storage manufacturers, StoreVault Replication is smoothly integrated into the S500, making it the logical choice for replication."

"StoreVault Replication ensures that our customers have access to their data," said Chuck Edwards, principal, Blue Gecko, a managed service provider. "StoreVault Replication is more flexible, easier to implement, and faster than any tape or disk-based copy with third-party software. We now have disaster recovery abilities that would have cost thousands more with another solution and, best of all, it is from a reputable company that we absolutely trust with our data."

In addition to StoreVault Replication, StoreVault Manager 2.0 improves ease of use and simplifies advanced features by providing multiple views of storage volumes and improving CIFS setup and management of NFS exports. Additionally, StoreVault Manager 2.0 adds the ability to make Snapshot™ copies of iSCSI and FC LUNs at no additional charge.

The availability of Fibre Channel support makes the StoreVault S500 the industry's first and only full-featured, scalable, all-in-one network storage system for the SMB market that supports NAS, iSCSI SAN, and Fibre Channel SAN. StoreVault eliminates the need for customers to purchase multiple products for SAN and NAS or make an up-front technology choice between iSCSI and Fibre Channel, better enabling SMB customers to address their growing storage needs without forcing difficult and expensive up-front technology decisions.

According to the survey, when Gartner Dataquest questioned SMBs about the major storage issues they face today, 55% of respondents mentioned managing growing capacity demands. Gartner Dataquest also asked how fast SMBs expect their capacity needs to grow in the next one to two years and the average response was 25% capacity growth in one year and 41% growth in two years.

StoreVault provides SMB customers the scalability that is missing in today's network storage solutions for SMBs. The StoreVault S500 delivers the same enterprise-proven storage technology from proven network storage leader, NetApp, which had previously only been affordable for large enterprises. Customers can easily deploy Fibre Channel with the StoreVault S500 and still have the flexibility to leverage the StoreVault S500 for NAS or iSCSI SAN in the future. Most importantly, SMBs will not need to invest in more storage as their business grows and make their storage budget go further with the StoreVault S500.

"We continue to deliver greater value to our SMB customers and distinguish StoreVault from other competitive offerings," said Sajai Krishnan, general manager of StoreVault. "The StoreVault S500 gives SMBs the first complete platform for all their network storage needs combined with the first enterprise-class replication software. It's all about giving customers what they're looking for-a 'Swiss army knife' storage solution with easy replication and simplicity in data management, all from a trusted storage vendor."

Price and Availability
StoreVault Replication and the StoreVault FC Starter Kit from QLogic are available immediately in the United States. StoreVault Replication pricing starts at $1,500 for each StoreVault S500 system. Licenses for an existing StoreVault S500 may be purchased directly from qualified StoreVault VARs, with specific pricing available through the channel. Pricing for the StoreVault FC Starter Kit from QLogic starts at $4,000 and includes a factory-installed HBA, cabling, and switch. Additional HBAs are priced at $650 each. StoreVault Replication and the FC Starter Kit are expected to be available in January 2007 in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Resellers can access the StoreVault Web portal at, where they can easily begin the authorization process, purchase preconfigured or customized solutions, research product information, access valuable training and on-demand marketing tools, and review any program or promotional opportunities.

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