NetApp® FAS3070 Performance Exceeds EMC CX3-80 in OLTP Workload Test

Sunnyvale, Calif. - November 7, 2006 -- Today Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) announced the results of a study from VeriTest®, an independent testing service, that compared the usability and performance of the newly announced NetApp FAS3070 storage systems to the highest-capacity EMC CLARiiON system, the CX3-80. The VeriTest team analyzed how NetApp systems, leveraging RAID-DP™ (RAID 6) data protection software, deliver both superior FC SAN performance and superior data protection. The full VeriTest report is available online at

The study used configurations that simulate workloads utilized in typical OLTP database environments containing a mixture of small random read and write requests. The VeriTest key findings show that:

  • NetApp Delivers Better Performance and Lower Latency
    In a 200-disk configuration, a NetApp FAS3070 system delivered 10% higher aggregate system performance and 8% lower average latency for an Oracle® OLTP FCSAN-based workload compared to an EMC CX3-80. The FAS3070 configuration for this test utilized NetApp RAID 6-based RAID-DP data protection software while the EMC system used single-parity RAID 5 data protection.

  • NetApp Is Faster for a Single Application
    Using a single 400GB LUN and an Oracle OLTP FCSAN-based workload, the FAS3070 configured with RAID-DP generated 6.8 times the performance and 85% lower average latency compared to the CX3-80 when using RAID 1/0. After provisioning the same 400GB LUN on the CX3-80 using either a striped or concatenated MetaLUN, the FAS3070 configured with RAID-DP generated 1.95 times the performance and 49% lower average latency compared to the CX3-80.

  • NetApp Systems Enable Greater Responsiveness
    Using the Snapshot™ capability with the CX3-80 during performance testing resulted in a sustained, 50% drop in overall performance. VeriTest found no sustained degradation in overall performance as a result of using the Snapshot technology available on the FAS3070. Additionally, it took 27 minutes to clone a 400GB LUN on EMC CX3-80 and just 7 seconds on the NetApp FAS3070.

  • NetApp Systems Require Less Storage
    Provisioning an enterprise-class OLTP database on the CX3-80 required 39% more physical disks compared to the FAS3070. Using NetApp FlexVol™ technology allowed the provisioning of an enterprise-class OLTP database using a total of 56 physical disks compared to 78 disks to provision the same database on the CX3-80.

All tests followed best practices as published by both NetApp and EMC for provisioning and deploying storage for use in production OLTP environments.

"Enterprise data centers require proven solutions that can simplify management, increase productivity, and offer the flexibility necessary to adapt to changing business needs without sacrificing performance or data access," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Products and Partners at Network Appliance. "The VeriTest findings demonstrated that the NetApp FAS3070 storage solutions can provide enterprise customers with higher-performing storage solutions for data center business applications."

For more information on the newly announced FAS3070 and other data center software products that were announced today, please visit the Press Release section of this website.

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