Northern Announces Storage Management Suite for NetApp® Storage Systems

Tampa, Florida - October 31, 2006 -- Northern, global providers of flexible, easy to administer, Windows-based storage resource management software solutions, today announces the release of Northern Storage Suite for NetApp, providing NetApp customers with a complete SRM solution. While previous versions of Northern Storage Suite enabled remote management of NetApp devices, Northern tailored their industry-leading SRM tool to fully integrate with NetApp devices, using the NetApp Manage ONTAP™ APIs and File Policy (FPolicy) mechanisms.

Thomas Vernersson, Northern President, said, "Today's announcement is only the most recent illustration of Northern's commitment to providing the broadest array of real-world, adaptable storage solutions to customers worldwide, whether they are looking to extend the functionality of an existing solution, need to build one from the ground up, whether their environments are Windows-based or heterogeneous. It also underscores our ability to support and extend NAS devices - particularly NetApp NAS devices - as more organizations embrace and implement NAS technology to address their need for flexible, cost-effective and reliable storage."

Northern Storage Suite is a complete SRM package that provides a unique solution to a widely shared problem: managing storage resources efficiently, reliably, cost-effectively. Northern Storage Suite for NetApp offers the following:

Quota Management: System administrators can set storage quotas on directories, files, and individual user and/or group accounts. In addition, administrators can apply file-blocking quotas to remove entire file types from their systems. The suite supports Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Quotas, and includes a wizard-based means of developing and implementing storage policies, a new central database for more flexibility and control over resources, and more.

Reporting and Trend Analysis: Allows system administrators to gather data and identify storage usage patterns, access file use, identify unwanted data, locate wasted space, recover storage costs, and more. The suite enables administrators to drill down to specific host groups, volume, user, and mailboxes, and to generate customized reports.

Self-Management: Introduces the "self-service" model to storage management. Through a web interface, users are kept informed of their storage use and are provided with the knowledge and tools needed to manage their allotted storage space. The portal enables system administrators to keep informed of individual data trends, status of their storage resources, and quotas.

Internal Billing: Assigns a price to increments of storage, making users (departments, individuals, etc.) accountable for the space they consume. This also assures that storage resources are accounted for, and provides internal and external billing, enabling organizations to "charge back" the cost of storage to the end user.

Automation: Frees up space and optimizes performance -- automatically, transparently, persistently. Administrators create Assistants where events, thresholds, and settings trigger the desired actions.

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Northern is an international software company specializing in the development of reliable, flexible and easy to use solutions for Windows Server Solutions storage administration. The company serves a global market through its two bases of operations, Tampa [FL] and Stockholm [Sweden]. Over 25,000 organizations, in 52 different countries are using Northern software solutions.

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