NetApp Outpaces Competition by Sharply Reducing the Cost of Enterprise-Class Disk-to-Disk Backup

Sunnyvale, Calif. - October 17, 2006 -- Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) today introduced three Virtual Tape Library (VTL) solutions designed for demanding data center backup environments. These VTL solutions provide enterprise customers with the storage industry's most powerful combination of performance, scalability, and cost savings to meet the challenges of backup and recovery, compared to the price and performance of alternative VTL solutions in the marketplace from EMC, HP, IBM, and StorageTek. NearStore® VTL300, VTL700, and VTL1400 ( systems provide customers with the ability to substantially increase backup and recovery service levels by doubling to tripling the amount of backup data that can be stored on disk, while also increasing VTL write performance by over 50% compared to the already industry-leading performance of existing NetApp VTL systems. NetApp is the first major storage vendor to provide disk-to-disk backup cost savings of 50-67% by using disk compression without compromising the demanding performance needs of the enterprise data center.

NetApp NearStore VTL ( systems are dedicated storage appliances that emulate physical tape libraries. The systems store large capacities of backup data on disk and automatically copy data directly to physical tape under backup application control to protect data for any open systems storage environment, including those that use EMC, Hitachi, and IBM primary storage.

Enterprise-class data centers identify the challenge of meeting their backup windows as the number one backup pain point. Customers also demand the highest levels of VTL write throughput as their storage needs grow and the backup window shrinks. Despite the pressing need to improve backup performance, enterprises overwhelmingly identify cost as the primary obstacle to implementing fast and reliable VTL backup solutions. NetApp NearStore VTL300, VTL700, and VTL1400 systems deliver 50-67% cost savings by compressing data to deliver two to three times the storage capacity using the same disk shelves. When data is compressed at the industry-accepted standard of 2:1, customers achieve 50% savings. When data is compressed at 3:1, customers achieve 67% savings at even higher performance levels.

The new NearStore VTL systems are unique in achieving these cost savings without sacrificing the high performance required to meet backup windows in enterprise data centers. With compression enabled, the VTL700 and VTL1400 deliver sustained write performance of 850 and 1700MB/sec respectively, using data sets compressible at 2-to-1, the equivalent of over 6TB per hour for a fully configured system.

"Before today's announcement, customers had to choose between reduced performance with software compression, or opting for no software compression and spending more for disk-to-disk storage capacity," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Products and Alliances at Network Appliance.

Additionally, NetApp professional services provide the expertise and technical capabilities to rapidly design and implement VTL solutions. Regardless of complexity, customers look for a seamless transition to new technologies. NetApp professional services assist customers in developing a well-documented design and detailed implementation plan based on tested and proven methodologies and best practices. When deploying NetApp VTL solutions into complex enterprise backup environments the addition of professional services speed time to deployment and provides a right-sized design and implementation the first time. A smooth and efficient integration with existing SAN infrastructure and enterprise backup applications, such as Symantec NetBackup and Tivoli Storage Manager are the most common scenarios in which NetApp experts assist. For more information on NetApp services, visit

NetApp is hosting a live Webcast on Thursday, November 2 from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time. The Webcast will address easy-to-manage, nondisruptive backup and recovery solutions that help customers meet the most demanding requirements of enterprise data centers.

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