More Than 1,000 Global Healthcare Customers Rely On NetApp® Storage Solutions for Digital Records and Archiving

Sunnyvale, CA - August 21, 2006 -- As healthcare organizations turn to secure, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to help manage their explosive data growth from image-intensive applications, Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) has reached more than 1,000 healthcare center deployments of NetApp storage solutions for digital records and archiving. Healthcare organizations all over the world are relying on NetApp to help improve enterprise productivity by safely and securely providing fast access to data, applications, and features needed for critical business and patient care needs.

Image-intensive applications such as Picture Archive Communication System (PACS) are fueling NetApp growth in the healthcare sector. The NetApp PACS business has more than doubled in the past year alone and now supports more than 500 radiology groups, imaging centers, and hospital enterprises. Working in conjunction with PACS partner applications, NetApp is delivering complete storage solutions to provide instant access to archived diagnostic medical images such as X-ray, MRI, CT, and ultrasounds. With a NetApp PACS solution, healthcare organizations can reduce the data management complexity of PACS while at the same time minimize costs and increase access to critical information.

"We store more than 45TB of PACS data, including digitized X-ray and CAT scan images and cardiology and applications data, all on the same network, efficiently and cost-effectively," said Bart Van den Bosch, CIO of Leuven University Hospital. "Our NetApp solution supports more than 450,000 radiology procedures we do annually. As our storage volumes grew in our application environment, the NetApp storage solution was easily upgraded. Our ultimate goal is to create an infinite online archive. NetApp makes this so easy that we gradually promoted it to our central storage platform for mission-critical medical applications to help our physicians and hospital staff expedite and improve patient care. We now have more than 200TB on NetApp storage today."

NetApp provides healthcare customers a fast, simple, and reliable data storage solution that helps reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and enhances profitability. NetApp storage solutions empower hospitals, radiology groups, and imaging centers with fast access and sharing of critical patient images and data. With NetApp storage solutions, customers get a superior image-management system that is cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Integral to the NetApp storage solution for the healthcare industry is the NearStore® online archival solution, providing a unique advantage for the storage of archival data when compared to conventional storage solutions. NearStore provides an integrated ability to immediately revert a file system back to a previous point in time for instantaneous recovery and at the same time replicate data for disaster recovery to help healthcare organizations access data quickly in the event of a catastrophic event. Coupled with NetApp enterprise-proven Data ONTAP® software for critical storage of archival data, customers such as William Beaumont Hospitals ( are using NetApp technology to eliminate the manual, labor-intensive process of archiving to tape while providing accelerated access to archived data, allowing customers to respond quickly to user needs.

Fletcher Allen Health Care is another NetApp customer leveraging the benefits of NearStore and Data ONTAP. "We were able to consolidate our storage on NetApp as it offered redundancy and customization of images," said David J. Haber, senior systems engineer of Fletcher Allen. "Because of the features of NearStore and Data ONTAP, we can centralize our storage and also take the first steps toward disaster recovery. Every image study we've ever done is on that archive. The system is also customizable so we can allow each radiologist to view images in his or her preferred manner."

"NetApp is aggressively addressing customer pain points in digital archiving for healthcare and its image storage applications, particularly in PACS deployments," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Products and Alliances at Network Appliance. "Our customers have found that the efficiency and flexibility of the NetApp platform have permitted them to use their imaging archives storage further and have even made extensions of storage from PACS to Microsoft® Exchange. Speedy image and data retrieval of healthcare archives is of paramount importance. Just as important are low-cost storage systems to meet these needs, and our customers are finding that NetApp provides a lower TCO, enabling them to consolidate other archival applications on NetApp storage."

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