NetApp Receives <i>Baseline</i>/BTM 500 Award

Marina Levinson Recognized for Outstanding Technology Management at NetApp

Sunnyvale, Calif. - January 29, 2009 - NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced that, in research conducted by Baseline Magazine and Business Technology Management Corporation (BTM), NetApp is among an elite group of U.S. corporations that is driving toward optimization of its business technology management, placing its business interests and objectives first and using technology as a critical resource for opening new business lines, markets, and revenues. As part of the study, Marina Levinson, CIO at NetApp, was one of the five CIOs recognized this year, for her outstanding technology management at NetApp.

"We are honored to be recognized by Baseline/BTM 500 for our outstanding technology management," said Marina Levinson, senior vice president and CIO. "The Baseline/BTM award recognizes the success we have achieved by establishing strong IT governance to help us prioritize the company's IT and business process investments."

NetApp was among the Fortune 1000 companies that participated in a survey on business technology convergence. The firms were evaluated by BTM on the level of technology integration with their business. Baseline and BTM assessed the survey sample based on six financial measures relative to business-technology convergence: return on assets, equity, investments, EBITD, annual growth in revenue, and annual growth in earnings per share. It was through the results of this survey that five companies (and their CIOs) were selected to highlight.

Based on previous research conduced by the BTM Institute, the study further validates the link between business-technology convergence and financial performance in enterprises with a higher management maturity. It also shows that converged enterprises are more able to adapt to dynamic market conditions, push through innovations faster, and maintain resiliency in the face of competitive challenges. Ultimately, business-technology convergence may be just the thing that ensures the sustainability and viability of companies such as NetApp.

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