NetApp’s John Tyrrell Inducted into SNIA Profiles of Achievement Hall of Fame for work in Developing SMI-S Industry Standard

SUNNYVALE, Calif.- August 6, 2008-NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) announced today that John Tyrrell, currently a storage management solutions architect at NetApp, has been inducted into the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) "Profiles of Achievement Hall of Fame" as a result of his innovative and tireless work in helping to lay the foundation for the development of storage vendor interoperability. Tyrrell and a cross-industry team first introduced and demoed the concept of management interoperability during a presentation delivered at the first Storage Networking World (SNW) in Seattle in the fall of 1999. That presentation helped lead to the creation of the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S). In January of 2007 SMI-S became an ISO/IEC industry standard that is supported in more than 500 products tested for conformance to the standard.

Tyrrell's idea of creating a common industry standard was sparked in large part by his conversations with customers who were frustrated by the fragmented approach of the storage industry, in which customers had to purchase individual products from each storage vendor to micromanage their own devices. Over the course of a year, Tyrrell presented his ideas to SNIA members and received positive feedback, which inspired him to push forward. As a result, a team was compiled that included more than 50 individuals representing eight different storage vendors to work on this project.

SMI work launched on October 21, 1999, when Tyrrell and the SMI team conducted a Common Information Model (CIM) demo to a public audience at SNW made up of SNIA members along with media, analysts, and end users. From a laptop wired to the Internet, they identified a total of seven different storage devices, each from a different vendor, that were physically located throughout the United States with one in France. Displayed on the laptop were the asset information, configuration information, and capacity information for each of the storage devices. The demo provided a proof of concept to storage vendors that it was absolutely possible to externalize the management information using a single model and common methods regardless of the individual device architectures being managed. It also demonstrated how Web services could manage storage devices over any IP network, leveraging the power and reach of the Internet. This industry breakthrough for interoperability helped pave the way for the initial Bluefin specification work and later for the official introduction by SNIA of the SMI-S specification in the second half of 2003.

"We are pleased to be able to honor SNIA members such as John Tyrrell for their significant contributions to SNIA and the storage industry," said Leo Leger, executive director of SNIA. "John's efforts really put the end user first and helped pave the way for the type of storage vendor interoperability that we leverage today."

"Receiving the SNIA Hall of Fame recognition is truly a great honor," said Tyrrell. "But this honor extends far beyond just me. None of it would have been possible without the endless hours that were contributed by the 50 plus cross-industry team members who pushed so hard to help establish the SMI-S industry standard that is in use today all throughout the storage industry."

"The Hall of Fame recognition by the SNIA is a true testament to John's foresight and incredible dedication," said Brian Pawlowski, CTO and senior vice president at NetApp. "Helping to create the SMI-S standard is no small feat and has provided end users with the ability to more easily implement and manage their different storage products."

SNIA recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary and as part of this activity is now recognizing and promoting the outstanding contributions made by those SNIA members and volunteers who have significantly impacted the organization and the industry since 1997. Because the success of SNIA has always depended on the dedication, hard work, and commitment of its volunteers, the organization is honoring key contributors, both past and present.

NetApp helps assure rapid application deployment, smooth integration into customers' existing infrastructures, and improve interoperability with other vendors' solutions by utilizing and supporting open standards. NetApp has been an active member of SNIA since 1998, participating in a number of technical working groups and SNIA standards activities over the years. NetApp representatives have also been active in various leadership positions within SNIA forums as well as members of the Storage Management Forum, Green Storage Initiative, Storage Security Industry Forum, and Data Management Forum's Data Protection Initiative and Data Deduplication and Space Reduction Special Interest Groups. NetApp representatives also hold positions as the 2008 SNIA vice-chair on the Board of Directors and the 2008 SNIA vice-chair on the Technical Council.

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