Enigma Data Solutions Announces Interoperability of PARS® with NetApp NearStore VTL Appliances

Partnership helps lower cost of on-site geophysical data archiving for customers

Houston, Texas - June 30, 2008 - Oil & gas data archiving specialists Enigma Data Solutions, Ltd. today announced the successful testing of its geoscience archiving solution, PARS, with the NetApp® NearStore® Virtual Tape Library (VTL) appliance. This enables oil companies to manage data archiving more cost effectively by embracing modern disk-based storage technology without losing the advantages of tape-based backup systems or compatibility with legacy systems.

"NetApp's VTL allows seismic data formatted tapes to be stored on disk and accessed easily - as if they were on a very fast physical tape. By combining the NetApp NearStore VTL with Enigma's I/O layer (IDS) and a small tape library, we provide an independent and cost effective information lifecycle management solution from archiving and tape management to creating secure tape copies of geoscience data and projects for deep archive purposes," said Tim Bowler, vice president of Americas, Enigma Data Solutions.

"Our combined technologies provide geoscientists and data managers not only with fast access to valued data but also reliability for their archived data, two key requirements in the oil and gas industry," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Solutions Marketingat NetApp.

Until now, a typical archiving system would archive two copies of data to tape media. One copy would remain at the client site, while the other copy would be taken off-site to a long term "salt mine" storage facility. The NetApp NearStore VTL appliance mimics tape-based systems, saving space and eliminating the need to maintain and operate a robotic automated tape storage facility on-site. This saves customers money and speeds back up and recovery processes. The fast local VTL appliance can be mirrored at a purpose built, off-site tape storage facility for long term storage. Additionally, the NetApp NearStore VTL provides high-performance disk compression, saving further storage space.

Enigma collaborated with NetApp to test the company's PARS and IDS products with the NetApp NearStore VTL at Enigma's testing facility in Houston. The test results demonstrated the successful archiving of data from "Geo-Technical projects" involving major oil and gas software applications such as Landmark's SeisWorks, OpenWorks and CDA, Schlumberger's GeoFrame.

Enigma's Intelligent Data Store (IDS) adds an additional "virtual tape" layer for its Geophysical customer base for storing record-orientated seismic data in industry standard format tape images (SEGA,B,C,D and SEGY) to the NetApp NearStore VTL appliance. The VTL can be configured to match the different tape sizes used in industry allowing images of the original tapes to be kept in the same format without the need of any addition encapsulation layers. This data can be delivered to the customer's applications as if it were on the original tape via IDS's Virtual tape drives.

Enigma believes the power, speed and convenience of the NetApp NearStore VTL offering will complement the company's proven success over the last 15 years providing solutions for the archiving and recovery of geoscience data.

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