NetApp Wins Green Enterprise IT Award From Uptime Institute

ORLANDO, Fla. - April 30, 2008-NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) announced today that it was named a winner of the prestigious 2008 Green Enterprise IT Award from the Uptime Institute, a leading research-based think-tank and corporate advisory on the business and technology issues related to critical computing environment reliability and energy efficiency. The awards, co-sponsored by Deloitte Consulting, recognize organizations that are pioneering energy-efficiency improvements in their data center operations.

NetApp was honored as the Best-In-Class Implementation in the category of IT Hardware Asset Utilization for transforming its own data center to be more efficient and effective. Leading by example and implementing innovative technology and design techniques, NetApp subtracted machines and disks from their power equation and modified its power and cooling systems to optimize power efficiency. As a result, NetApp saved 41,184 kWh per month and more than $59,000 in electricity costs alone. The data center now meets or exceeds the EPA's 2011 energy usage state-of-the-art data center maximum achievable scenario.

"We congratulate NetApp for its tremendous work in improving energy-efficiency in the data center and beyond," said Kenneth G. Brill, Institute founder and executive director. "Uptime Institute is honored to showcase the pioneering efforts of the award winners and hopes that they will serve as a clear example to the world's largest operators of critical computing facilities of the realistic impact and feasibility of energy efficiency initiatives."

The award winners were announced today at Uptime Institute's third annual Green Enterprise Computing Symposium, which is designed to tackle strategic and operational hurdles and develop industry benchmarks for improving energy efficiency in data centers.

"NetApp is extremely honored to be named in Uptime's Green Enterprise IT awards," said Laura Pickering, vice president, office of the CEO and environmental responsibility advocate for NetApp. "At NetApp, we believe green IT goes hand-in-hand with achieving great business results. The technology and techniques we've used in our data center are the same ones we are helping our customers deploy in their data centers to improve efficiency, reduce costs, save space, and lessen their environmental impact while driving their businesses forward."

NetApp presented a case study of its award-winning initiative in addressing the data center energy efficiency challenge. Through this case study, NetApp shared lessons learned and its route to success to encourage its industry peers participating in the Symposium to be advocates of change in their own organizations. The Green Enterprise IT Award judging criteria were specifically designed to select projects with potential to serve as business case studies of the realistic impact and feasibility of energy efficiency initiatives. All nominee's and winners' case studies will be featured in white papers and podcasts to be posted at

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