NetApp Delivers for Belgian Post Office

Brussels, Belgium - April 21, 2008 - The Belgian Post Office recently collaborated with NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) for its data backup and archival. To manage this data, the post office is switching to a virtual infrastructure developed by NetApp in combination with conventional physical tape. In doing this, the post office is keeping pace with the current trend of virtualization in the storage environment, minimizing risk, and maximizing its return on investment in IT spend.

Because of the increasing quantity of data and activity on the post office's network, implementing a more flexible system became a critical business need. After researching its options, the Belgian Post Office decided to partner with NetApp to create an archival and backup system that took advantage of the flexibility of disk-to-disk speed and flexibility and integrated with its existing tape infrastructure. The resulting system allows for near-constant availability of backed up data, more robust disaster recovery, and the ability to grow the system in the future with less overall cost.

"The Belgian Post Office had a classic need that growing businesses often face-and that the NetApp® VTL was specifically designed to fulfill," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Solutions Marketing at NetApp. "We're extremely pleased to share this example of how partnering with NetApp to reduce backup times and increase data availability can also have a greater effect on reducing future costs and achieving broader business goals."

The NetApp NearStore® Virtual Tape Library is a disk-to-disk backup appliance that appears like a tape library to a backup software application but provides the superior speed and reliability of disk technologies. Developed specifically to address the requirements of backup administrators, NearStore VTL solutions increase the performance and reliability of backups, simplify backup management, and reduce D2D storage costs by up to 67% through the use of high-performance disk compression.

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About the Belgian Post Office
De Post/La Poste is the operator of postal services in Belgium. Its main activities are organized into three commercial departments: Enterprise, International and Residential; SOHOs and Small Enterprises (RSS); and the service provider Mail & Parcels Operations. Mail & Parcels handles 3.7 billion items of mail per year. Twelve thousand postmen and women deliver daily to the homes of 4.5 million households. They deliver to about 6 million mailboxes. RSS offers its customers a wide range of services via various channels: 1,300 post offices and sub-post offices (PostPunten/Points Poste), 5,000 retailers selling stamps, the e-Shop and the callcenter 022-012345. The Post Office always meets the changing requirements of its customers. Its commercial departments offer customers innovative solutions in terms of mail handling and delivery. The Belgian State owns a 50% stake + 1 share in the Post Office. The others are held by the Post Danmark-CVC consortium.

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