NetApp Helps Customers Solve Data Backup, Recovery, and Protection Challenges

Sunnyvale, Calif. - February 7, 2006 -- Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced a broad new array of products, technologies, and services designed to help customers find new ways to protect and manage their critical enterprise data-without incurring significant new costs, dramatically altering their existing data management processes, or "ripping and replacing" existing infrastructure investments. Today's announcements highlight the broad range of NetApp® disk-to-disk backup and security solutions that simplify data backup procedures, improve recoverability, and lower backup infrastructure expenses.

Today's news also highlights NetApp initiatives to help customers realize the greatest possible benefit from their storage investments, including industry-leading capabilities to protect data stored on any vendor's storage systems; tight integration with all of the major backup and data management applications; extensions of the Decru® DataFort™ product line to provide the ultimate in data security; and the formal kickoff of the NetApp disk-to-disk backup campaign, designed to help customers extend the use of disk-to-disk data protection technologies into even more parts of their IT infrastructure.

New products unveiled today represent a significant expansion of the NetApp disk-to-disk backup family, including two offerings in the new NearStore® Virtual Tape Library (VTL) family, new Decru DataFort E-Series functionality for unified NAS-iSCSI protocol support, enhanced capabilities for NetApp customers to protect their remote office/branch office (ROBO) data as well as that in their data centers. Additionally, NetApp is collaborating with long-standing partner, Symantec, to enhance overall disk-to-disk backup designed to offer greater functionality for customers deploying NetApp with VERITAS NetBackup®, now from Symantec. Complementary new services announced today include a VTL Design and Implementation Service, a Disaster Recovery Design and Implementation Service, and a Backup and Recovery Design and Implementation Service.

Join NetApp today at 10:00 a.m. PST for live online addresses from Dan Warmenhoven, CEO; Tom Mendoza, president; Dave Hitz, founder and executive vice president; Marina Levinson, vice president and chief information officer; and other NetApp experts. The event will also include a special guest appearance by Jeremy Burton, senior vice president of Data Management at Symantec. Visit to participate in the online NetApp event and also register to participate in the first live chat for a news announcement in NetApp history.

"Our entire disk-to-disk backup family helps solve our customers' most pressing needs: managing huge and growing data volumes, protecting that data from a variety of threats and risks, and preserving uptime," said Warmenhoven. "We created the disk-to-disk backup market more than four years ago with the first NearStore product using inexpensive disks to provide enterprise protection. Today's announcements extend that leadership, offer more choice and flexibility to our customers, and bring credibility to the emerging VTL space. The net effects are simpler management and lower outlay costs--as well as higher data availability-which translate directly into bottom line payoffs."

"Disk-to-disk backup is ready for primetime," said Carl Greiner, senior vice president, Infrastructure at Ovum Inc. "Customers are growing frustrated at the limitations of tape and desire an approach that increases performance, offers much-needed simplicity, and maximizes the value they extract from their existing investments in data backup infrastructure."

New Products
The NetApp NearStore family debuted in 2001 and rapidly set the industry benchmark for economical, high-capacity data retention and data protection solutions, including disk-to-disk backup.

Today, the family has expanded with the addition of two NearStore VTL solutions-the single-head NearStore VTL600 and the dual-head NearStore VTL1200. NearStore VTL is a dedicated, enterprise-class storage appliance that emulates physical tape libraries, stores large capacities of backup data on disk, and automatically copies data to physical tape under backup application control within any open systems storage environment. Both new systems are based on proven NetApp hardware and run NetApp VTL software, which integrates seamlessly with a wide range of storage management and backup software, including NetApp Data ONTAP®. NearStore VTL is a compelling disk-to-disk backup solution for all open systems enterprise primary storage, including EMC, Hitachi, and IBM storage environments.

NearStore VTL is ideal for customers who want greater performance and simpler data management from their existing tape environments-and to maximize a return on investment (ROI) from their substantial existing investments in a backup application and tape infrastructure. NearStore VTL delivers superior backup service levels and economic value with its groundbreaking Self-Tuning and Tape Smart Sizing technologies for dynamic workload balancing, 50% physical tape savings, high-speed physical tape creation, and enhanced data integrity. Additionally, NearStore VTL transparently integrates with Decru DataFort appliances for encryption of data on disk and tape for enterprise-wide data security.

Luke Mun, backup administrator at IGT, used one word to describe the company's experience with NetApp NearStore VTL. "Impressive," Mun said.

Mun continued, "The VTL solution was very easy and straightforward to install. Preliminary results show our backup throughput at four to five times faster with NearStore VTL. This can really help shorten our backup window and free up the network. Additionally, VTL has allowed us to avoid five to 10 media failures each day, which can cost us anywhere from two and a half to five hours a day to correct. This will greatly reduce our administrative overhead."

NearStore VTL systems scale from 4.5TB to 168TB; integrate seamlessly with backup application software from industry leaders BakBone, CA, CommVault, HP, Legato, Symantec, Syncsort, and Tivoli; and work with tape libraries from ADIC, IBM, Quantum, StorageTek, and others.

More details on NearStore VTL, including how the solution achieves flagship performance and tape economies, are available at

The NearStore R-Series platforms, which continue to operate with Data ONTAP software, remain the customer choice for archival and compliance storage. The NearStore R-Series disk-to-disk backup solutions-with unparalleled integration and unmatched simplicity-provide end-user file restore capabilities and the most optimal storage utilization.

In related data protection news, Decru, a NetApp company, today announced Decru DataFort E-Series Version 3.0 firmware for IP-based storage environments. The new firmware further extends the Decru unified storage security platform by incorporating CIFS, NFS, and now iSCSI onto a single appliance. With this offering, Decru is the first and only security vendor to ship a security appliance for network-attached storage (NAS) and IP SAN environments. The new firmware includes enhanced antivirus support, role-based access controls for administrators, and expanded key management functionality. Key customer applications for DataFort include regulatory compliance, customer data privacy, secure disaster recovery, and secure outsourcing. Additional details on this and other Decru solutions are available at

Additionally, customers continue to benefit from tight integration of Symantec's NetBackup software, NetApp SnapVault® software, and the NetApp NearStore R-Series platform, which are now available and shipping. To keep pace with rapid growth in the size of data volumes, NetBackup software enables IT to take an innovative step forward toward centralized management and recovery of data with a broad range of backup and snapshot technologies, including those provided by NetApp. Unique to the industry, the joint disk-to-disk backup solution from Symantec and NetApp helps customers centrally manage and simplify disk-based backups though the NetBackup console. The combined solution also enables organizations to backup any storage vendors' primary storage systems, maximizing data access with fast and reliable restores using online backups and point-in-time snapshots, reduce media usage by eliminating redundant data, and simplify the entire data protection process with a single point-and-click interface. Additional details are available at

"We have been partnering with NetApp for more than three years on a worldwide scale to provide our mutual customers with the highest levels of data protection and allow them to achieve reliable, rapid data recovery," said Jeremy Burton, senior vice president, the Data Management Group from Symantec Corp. "Our goal is to enable enterprises to get the most of their backup environment by deploying solutions that help them reduce complexity and focus on what makes their businesses excel."

New Services
To help customers quickly and effectively leverage these and other new products and product enhancements, NetApp Global Services (NGS) launched three new service offerings today.

The first of those offerings is a VTL Design and Implementation Service, specifically designed for NearStore VTL. The second service is the Disaster Recovery Design and Implementation Service. And the third service is the Backup and Recovery Design and Implementation Service.

These new services greatly expand the overall NGS backup, recovery, and restore consulting portfolio. These services complement the products introduced today, as well as the existing portfolio of hardware and software products. Together the new solutions and services provide customers with solutions to help their business remain in business-even in the event of a disaster.

Customer benefits of the three new services include:

  • Maximized data protection. Helps customers efficiently execute backups, recoveries, and restores in a timely manner to provide continuous access to mission-critical data.
  • Leveraged expertise. The NGS highly trained professional services staff has extensive NetApp hardware and software certifications, best-in-class enterprise storage architecture experience, and deep project management skills.
  • Empowered IT staff. In each engagement, NGS applies industry best practices and proven methodologies by providing a thorough knowledge transfer to customers. NGS will fully train your IT staff to aid a fluid adoption of routine backup and restore operations.

For more information about these new service offerings, visit

Pricing and Availability
All products and services described in this press release are available immediately from NetApp. Customer pricing is available from NetApp sales or sales partners.

Technical Information
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