NetApp® Storage Links Universities with Communities

Sunnyvale, Calif. - September 28, 2005 - Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced that Arizona State University (ASU) and the University of Texas (UT) have selected NetApp unified storage solutions to simplify their data management, provide scalability and flexibility, and stretch their budgets as they embark on separate efforts to extend their resources to a broader audience. NetApp provides a modular, single architecture approach that offers ASU and UT rich storage utilization and management functionality. Now, ASU and UT can focus on their priorities-educating students and fostering a learning environment that is accessible by their communities. ASU and UT are both pioneers in their market, and both rely on NetApp storage.

"ASU and UT are using NetApp storage in very different and innovative ways that have attracted interest far beyond their campus borders-for instance, the Arizona Department of Education is partnering with ASU to leverage its technology and approach," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Products and Partners at Network Appliance. "In addition, the appeal of NetApp simplified storage solutions is quickly spreading, even into higher education-where the value of the dollar is especially scrutinized and cherished."

On September 12, 2005, ASU officially announced the availability of IDEAL (Integrated Data to Enhance Arizona's Learning), a joint effort between the Arizona Department of Education and ASU to provide more than one million students and 58,000 certified teachers access to educational data, resources, and services to increase student learning. These numbers include many residents in remote and low socioeconomic status (SES) areas. To achieve the project goals within the ASU budget, IDEAL leverages NetApp FAS3020 and other storage systems armed with double-parity RAID (RAID-DP™) protection to improve performance and uptime. NetApp Data ONTAP™ 7G software with FlexVol™ technology is used to maximize storage utilization. These technologies-plus nondisruptive expansion capabilities-are critical to scaling IDEAL to support millions of users.

"NetApp helps us reduce costs without sacrificing data availability or scalability," said Dr. Samuel DiGangi, assistant vice provost of Information Technology at Arizona State University. "IDEAL is the next chapter in ASU's long-standing commitment to public service. By eliminating barriers to education and revolutionizing lifelong learning with IDEAL, ASU is supporting Arizona's transformation to a knowledge-based economy with high-wage jobs, world-class educational institutions, and new enterprises."

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UT UTOPIA Initiative
The University of Texas Libraries and its vast research department are among the largest publicly funded institutions in the world. With a mission to serve not only students and faculty but also the global community, the UT Libraries are focused on systematically storing and preserving cultural and historical records while also maintaining a federal repository of government documents. UTOPIA is an ambitious initiative designed to open UT's doors of knowledge, research, and information to the public and break down the physical boundaries of learning, research, and scholarly discourse. To meet the exponential amount of data created from the UTOPIA project, UT's IT team chose NetApp to support its digital library. Since UT embarked on this project nearly five years ago, the UT digital library project's storage requirements have nearly doubled annually.

"UTOPIA currently receives over three million hits from users in over 90 countries every month," said Mark McFarland, assistant director for the University of Texas Libraries. "Files from our U.S. government PCL map collection, for example, are downloaded millions of times a month. NetApp has been intimately close to the entire UTOPIA project, including the design and deployment process, and has been sensitive to our performance needs relative to our budget. NetApp provides UT with confidence that availability and performance are met consistently-particularly for our mySQL and Oracle® Databases. In short, NetApp has provided us industrial-strength storage."

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